Machine behaviour post April 2020 update

I have seriously beaten around after launched the new update.

First there is those railgun hunters shooting trough everything, even you crouch move around they just hit you.
And all Harvesters and Tanks pretty much constantly spam rocket salvos?

Is this the QOL update of the machines, not for the players :rofl:

Just had Harvester rival lvl 3, it just spawned those railgun hunters.
And multiple robots clip trough walls to inside houses, even worse than it was sometime ago. When just 1 machine randomly popped inside houses.


Same here. The hunters can shoot their rockets over a distance more than 100 meters in my game

And they respawn pra spawn ínside buildings with close Doors,so stupid


Anyone surprised something went wrong after update? its not the first time they did a marvelous job with patches and updates.

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How quick are the rockets fired from tanks, literally rockets fired from the tank from over 200m away can hit you in less than a split second no time to evade…I like the twist but holy crap that brutal

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So machines actually pose a threat now? Cool!



I should add I am playing guerilla setting and I don’t know if other difficulties are the same.

Guerilla is brutal now. I wouldn’t recommend playing alone; tho on the other hand it’s easily the most terrifying, if that’s your thing :scream:

Added some spoiler tags, in case people want to find out for themselves.

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I just tried it, just for a few minutes… :poop:, this is brutal! But I like it :crazy_face:

FNIX Tanks farts are now much deadlier, and with larger range.

Found 2 Military Harvesters - died very quickly :face_with_head_bandage:

I’ll try it out more later, but my first impression is very positive. Machines ar as deadly as they should be from te start :wink:


Maybe i finally can find a real use for the Exp 50 cal?


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I just found out the hard way that Tanks got cranked up to 11 and learned a few new tricks!

Got into a fight with a Prototype Tank and it kicked my ass. :rofl:
I’m not gonna try that anytime soon again. :scream:

This new update will definitely require a different approach to how you play, the machines have become steroid fuelled machjne

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I checked the other difficulties too. Rocket spam is real.

Pre-April update, on Guerilla difficulty, i had FNIX tank constantly spamming it’s rockets, so, that’s from earlier state of the game. As far as harvs go, i’ve seen them spamming rockets as well but rarely.

Oh, i haven’t fired up my game yet and don’t know the state in current game (e.g if the delay between salvos is shortened).

Lol! Let’s just say this can’t be intended, unless the devs wants us all to be camping in churches or something.
The rockets fire so fast that they almost can’t be avoided at all. The hunters shoots you from a mile away with their railguns or what it is they have, straight through walls and what not.

If this is intended, you’ll scare away more than half your playerbase, that’s for sure.


Here’s a little something you should all try now:

Head to Bockhyttan, there’s usually a whole bunch of harvesters there, as well as a number of tanks, dogs and hunters. Please let me know how it goes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Can someone post a video? I wont be off work for another 5 hours…


Just had a game with a friend on Skirmish level and it was more apocolyptic that playing insanity hell mpode before the update… things are broken… so many things…

“specifically a new behavior for the Harvester that may surprise you!”

Quoted from patch notes.


Am i crazy or did the military harvester i fought, just spawned hunters x3 in 2 waves?

In that case, Yes it surprised me, scared me and made me question my attention to surroundings

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Sidenote, i play in adventurer but after the update you screwed the settings completely. Adventurer became Guerilla and i dont even want to think how hard Guerilla will be…