Machine behaviour post April 2020 update

I agree, adventure difficulty is suddenly brutal since the patch… I’m having to completely change tactics.


Skirmish also seems to have taken a mad leap… its like there is only one level… fail…lol


As of the current update the AI has become more aggressive it seems like.
what i’ve seen so far is.
Harvesters can call for help from “above”, and hunters will use their jump attack much more often after they’ve been disarmed

what are some of your findings or opinions on these changes?

edit: The harvesters missiles seems to be more often much faster so they are harder to dodge

All of the machines missiles and any launched weapon from hunters harvesters tanks are faster flight, faster relaod to launch and also in some cases a ridiculous range.

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omg, that would be endless rocket salvos hammering the house you hide in.

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im still waiting on my 21 gb download…

OHYES! Generation Zero is Back! The game that made me shit my pants one year ago is finally back! My GOD this game needed this update!



Hows the co-op with the new update, any crashes or getting kicked as a client?

Ok So all in all i like the increased aggressiveness, but the rocket/missile barrage is ridiculous. before i even know what’s happening i’m on the ground.

I like how aggressive the machines are now, but compared to pre-patch they all have literal aimbots now. I play on adventure since I play solo and the machines were manageable before as long as you kept moving, didn’t get too close to the tanks, didn’t stand in front of a harvester etc. not so much now.

started the game up today and spawned in to a group of military runners and hunters camping outside my safe house, figure fine I can take these guys on, sprint outside and literally every single shot they take hits, from full health to downed in 5 seconds, pop adrenaline to get back up thinking they just got lucky, use an advanced first aid kit and start running again and immediately get shredded again. took me until I finally beat them down to a single runner to notice they’re also doing a lot more damage than they did before individually.

hear a harvester nearby and figure I’d take it down so I could loot an advanced first aid kit to start replacing the ones I lost. thing’s a prototype, figure it’ll be easy enough. take a shot at it from a side angle slightly behind it and the thing immediately fires off a salvo of rockets that hit me instantly from an angle that shouldn’t be possible given the placement of the launchers. I did like that it has the concussive blast the tank has but it seems to have no cooldown at all. the backup drop pods were pretty cool though.

I was expecting the machine’s to be a bit smarter but I wasn’t expecting the game to become near impossible (to me at least). I’m hoping some of this was unintentional but if this is all working as intended even on the lowest difficulty I’m going to have to shelve this one for a while.


I agree with everything you said here. After the update it’s gotten difficult to do anything. Gas attacks from hunters have gotten worse as well! Ridiculous for a single player. And levels are still capped.


First off, I love this game. it’s hard to quantify exactly why but, ultimately, it’s a “sum greater than the total of the parts” thing. At least, until the April update. I agree that the machines AI could have used a bit of tweaking but this is a simply crazy…Harvesters blasting you with missile barrages so damaging and so fast that you literally cannot even duck your head back behind a wall after hitting them once and, if that wasn’t bad enough, these “railgun hunters” blasting through walls and even materializing right inside the house where you’re trying to hide…I mean…c’mon. This is not even something that can be addressed with a different strategy…you simply cannot peek around a corner without 5000 missiles hitting you dead in the forehead. I hope this “difficulty increase” is some kind of accident or I may be done with this game. I was getting ready to try to get a few friends involved but there’s no way they’d play it like this.


If it stays like this you need to rename the game “GZ - Judgement Day”…


Same problem missiles and mortars travel at the speed of light and attack you at great distances, I feel that we returned to 2019. With each patch they make you more afraid, it is unplayable now. It is good that they fix the qualities of the sights, that they add animation to the tank by releasing smoke but they are over. They see you through the walls and they don’t give you time to run and cover yourself. fix it please.


maybe a 4th difficulty above guerilla since it seems a fair number of people who already played on guerilla seem to be having problems as well.


I like everything about this update except the missiles and harvesters spawning hunters. The changes I would make is lowering the speed of the new missiles (but still faster than the old ones,) and letting you disable the harvesters ability to call in hunters. Maybe some sort of satellite dish or something you could shoot off. Other than that, the changes are great.


This game wasn’t meant to be Dark Souls on crack as an FPS shooter. I don’t know what kind of god you apparently are that you find these changes acceptable, but 2-3 waves of rockets hurtling towards you at speeds you can’t even react to at 200 meters beyond is just absurd. YOU may find the game up to par with your standards, but from what I’m reading, the rest of the community doesn’t agree.


I believe the AI needed to be smarter/harder. Theres no real thought process or fear to take a lone tank down. Looking forward to playing tonight and actually fearing the machines and having to put thought into their demise. aka guerrilla tactics like the game was meant to be and advertised as. not all Rambo like fearless

I kinda get the impression the Devs originally underestimated a lot of the player base on how they would deal with the machines.

My personal fear/hate in the game isn’t the outdoors with all the big guys. Its the bloody underground bunkers and narrow corridors

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I have found a good tactic that has worked for any difficulty. (This has worked fine for me but may be different depending on how you play) My tactic is to match the pace of the fight. The 5c ai-76 works well for getting high damage of quickly. Also as soon as you get a chance to shoot retreat as quickly as possible to cover or just strafe at a distance. For me it is easier to fight them up close. When the harvester hunkers down to call in hunters instead I chew a med pack and spray the back. When the hunters come in and shoot you the med pack(adv) helps you resist some damage. (More effective if vanguard specialization is active) and then if you live, rinse and repeat until you come out victorious. (This works for me and I play Xbox)