Machine behaviour post April 2020 update

After a few hours messing around I come to the following conclusion:

While the upped aggressiveness is certainly a good thing - atleast for leveled and fully kitted players…

It is completely bad for new players. Anyone who starts a fresh new game right now, armed with only the WaltherPP a few small medkits, flares and maybe one Adrenaline Shot is going in for a really brutal experience.
And I mean this in a bad way. Not fun. Scary, adrenaline pumping until you start to go down. Over and over… until the fun ends.

Try it. (Devs too… please do!)

I think it would be a good idea for the devs to rethink this update and possibly roll it back.

I had personally expected the AI to be less wallhugging into houses and change the way they move a bit.
Not 200% increased Rate of Fire + Accuracy + Reload + Reaction time.
Lower those values a good bit - especially the AI reload and Accuracy and I might consider it a step forward.
As of right now, this is not good.


I’ve only been playing for a few days…I’ve got 21 hours in game. I literally JUST finished exploring the Archipelago Region, and moved into the mainland. I’m i think level 8 or 9, and i’m playing on easy. Post update, things are…interesting. I’m finding even prototype machines to be idiotically difficult. I got into a firefight with a military-type tank. It was tough, but it should be…it IS called a tank, after all. That’s not what got me. Something was looking for me after the fight, and i couldn’t see it from the top floor of the house i was in. but it appeared to be inside the house, which is weird, because i’d NEVER seen a machine be able to get inside before. I went downstairs and was confronted with a military-type runner. It was at that moment, that i felt as if i should have been wearing brown pants…

Prior to that, i had a hell of a time taking out a prototype tank, which wasn’t a terribly difficult feat pre-update, and in my second run-in with a harvester, imagine my surprise when a bunch of hunters show up out of nowhere… and they’ve got gas rounds, and friggin’ railguns. There’s over-the-top, and then there’s this…

This update is wonky as hell. I appreciate, and even like the fact that hunters no longer just stand there and derp out, while you snipe them into oblivion…but it seems like the whole game has been heavily re-balanced, in favor of the machines. If i were to get caught out in the open, with no shelter to hide in, and there were machines around, i’d be pretty well screwed. This may make it impossible for me to advance further inland.


Is this some kind of belated April fools joke? Hope it reverts back . I don’t usually complain but how many times can you die in record time? That’s the only purpose left in the game, Did someone accidentally spill coffee on the production PC? sigh…


So in the latest April update path notes, the team stated that they updated the bots’ approach to combat, but I feel like all they did was amp up everything about the bots by 10. All I noticed was a huge increase to the rate of fire, range, and accuracy of their tear gas mortars and machine guns. Granted, I do play on Guerrilla, but this tweak to their “behavior” seems way over the top.

Even if I try and get a good distance away to use a sniper rifle, their guns just mow me down anyways no matter the range I’m at. Don’t even get me started on the bs railgun hunters that the Harvesters can now apparently spawn. I’ve tested it, and even at 250+ meters away, a Tank and Harvester’s rocket salvos hit you near instantly, because all you see is a yellow flash and all of a sudden you’re either at 9 health or downed.

How am I even supposed to fight back against an all-powerful aimbot machine that can see through walls and spray endless waves of rockets at you? What’s more, every bot’s detection range is apparently on the level of a seeker’s now, because I’ve been spotted by Hunters and Runners through several walls from at least 120 something meters away. I wanted to play this game for a challenging experience, not one that was near impossible. I’m not some masochist that enjoys getting screwed over at every turn, so if this is an actual intentional update, I’m shelving this game for a good, long while.


It’s the exact same on adventure difficulty right now as well, I’m assuming the massive spike in difficulty was probably an unintended side effect of adjusting something. hopefully it’s something that can be fixed with a quick hotfix if that’s the case. if this is what was actually intended, a new difficulty level would have been a better implementation.

but considering it’s the same case regardless of difficulty right now it’s probably just something bugged out when the update shipped.


What happens if you turn down the difficulty?


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it’s the exact same as he described on the lower difficulties

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If the dev’s allow the 50 cal hunters to shoot through walls, why cant we?

The gas pops out faster them the bullets now. I dont mind it quicker, but it seems like our gas resistance doesn’t help.


We can, to some degree.


When I encounter a Tank before the newest update went live, I normally can run side to side and run around a tank with minimal damage being done to me in order to take it down. When I do this to a Tank NOW!!!, I get lasered with its machine guns and the fire rate of the rockets are now super fast to the point you can’t dodge them anymore. I believe Tanks are now too OP and need to be nerfed.


I also noticed when they turret their guns around they through their own legs :roll_eyes:. It would be nice it they hurt themselves doing it.

On the plus side if you sticky flare them, their ticks attack the chasies. The tanks also attack normal flares now instead of ignoring them.

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Logged in after update and I shot a Harvester from about 300+ meters. Even though I use the stealth marksman build and used a silenced AG5, it instantly shot its rockets out, didnt even turn to look for me. The first rocket was hitting me before the last one was coming out as if i was only 30 meters away, not 300. It was also shooting out a batch of rockets every 2-3 seconds and hitting me dead on even when I took off running like a scared little girl and went over a hill and behind a building. Then i ran into a Hunter (Fnix class). Its rockets are even faster as they dont arc. All i heard was a high pitched Ziiinng and i was dead. Apocalypse Class seems ok.

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have yet to turn the game back on to test myself but from what I’ve read the apocalypse class hunters are spamming airburst grenades from a mile away and apocalypse tanks are firing off their HMGs with laser accuracy from a mile away as well

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They fly now

That hunter was railgun version. You could say they have the exp pvg90 as shoulder weapon, and its brutal now after update

Thou there is good chance something is broken with the update. Aggression of AI is good, but attack ranges are totally off and how fast machines cycle the fire (example the constant rocket spam)


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So, jumped into the game to see what’s all the fuzz about and yes, FNIX harv does fire it’s rockets very accurately and relentlessly. Also, it spawned in 2x FNIX hunters with Concussion Rifle.

Few screens:

I, for one, was happy to see FNIX hunters with Concussion Rifle again since back in the early days, there were far more FNIX hunters with Concussion Rifle on their shoulder.

Military hunter gas mortar gas damage is also tuned up a bit and now, i can’t sit in the gas cloud and tank the damage, which i don’t mind.

Though, i need to do more tests (play some more) to see how bad the new Guerilla mode is compared to the old Guerilla mode since so far, i haven’t seen much difference.


Switch on Guerilla, and go to the village of Garphammar. Chances are, you’re in for one helluva battle.