April 2020 Update Issues

The game is very broken now after this April update. I run it on PS4 and there are so many problems and it has caused more than it has solved. For starters everyone knows about the dlc island not spawning buildings and that’s a big problem. Then there’s the hunters with rail guns which wouldn’t be a problem if there was only one of them but I have had about 5 shoot at me from a long distance and you can’t always see where there coming from and doesn’t help that they all bang you through walls which is ridiculous. I like that the FNIX class tanks and harvesters have a gas attack for close range but cmon stupidly repetitive rocket barrages that fly at you at a trillion MPH it’s just not the way it should be. It’s very fun taking on multiple groups of enemy’s (especially large ones) but now it’s just pure aggro and starting to kill my buzz for the game big time. Also what’s this with harvesters spawning hunters!! It’s just not needed just give them a thicker line of defence with runners these hunters seriously take the fun out of farming harvesters especially when they spawn with these crazy overpowered rail guns total disadvantage. Seems like this update has caused more problems than it has solved would be greatly appreciated if these things were altered asap.

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