Why no dev feedback on april patch issues?

I am just curious why there has been no feedback from GZ Devs about the issues raised about the problems with the new April update ??
Harvesters/Tanks laser missile accuracy Way too OP?
Hunters way OP and targeting from over 300m away?
PS4 game all buildings missing from Alpine DLC?
Mobs clipping inside houses/buildings ?
Game lvl is permanently set to ludicrous not adventure
This game needs quickly fixing before they loose a lot of new and existing players as solo play is more or less impossible with no way to hide or stealth kill anything as soon as yr spotted over 300m away you get mobbed by 1x Tank 2x Harvesters countless hunters and numerous runners with about 4-5 seekers constantly pulling more and more mobs in to wipe you out.
Why don’t the DEVS not own up to the problems and take days/weeks to fix? Just reinstate old game before update then fix issues highlighted by players then reinstate the patch with all bugs fixed and you will make for a happier gaming experience. I play a lot in solo and now I am seriously looking for a different game to play as I am sure a lot of other players are thinking the same
DEVS what is happening???

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The forums are literally flooding with identical posts right now, we’ve pinned the most prevalent issues to make them impossible to miss and people still ignore that.

Himfjäll is broken issue

New Update is OP

Robots in houses again

Please, do NOT create a topic without searching for the issue first, and please avoid making lengthy list posts like the one above. It’s impossible to answer everything and the topic can’t be merged or cleaned up. All we can do is lock it up or remove it altogether.


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