Himfjäll is broken on PS4 after April update

After the April update on PS4, the Himfjall island is completly empty, there’s only robots and crafting stations floating in the air and safe houses on the map only. When i go to the south coast region, my screen is white/very foggy. I cut off the game, but i presume there’s probably more bugs. I’m very disapointed and i love this game, i spend over 400h on this wonderfull and beautiful game. How can it be possible? Do you guys test or try your new updates before to share it?


oh thank holy Christ i thought it was just me, yes! Himfjall Island is devoid of any and all buildings now, everything is gone. how can a game update that is supposed to fix various bugs mess it up this badly? Also playing on the PS4


Happening here too on PS4 since update

Hope they fix this fast as was grinding for experimental weapons but with no houses and no reserve ammo is pointless


Yeah i have the same problem. And now the Hunters can shoot their Rockets over a distance more than 100 meters in my game.

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I updatede my game so all my safe House in rönnhålla emergency shelter was gone i a Cave now and the town on the map are just not there enymore is Theis a bug on ps4

I think he does his best. From what I can discern it looks like ingame assets aren’t loading in on Himfjäll after updating the game.

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Everything have disappeard from himfjäll after the latest update except from robots and nature.
There is no houses, cars, hotel and so on.

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I installed the latest update and the problem is constant since then. !

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Just me

I played on a regular ps4 1T

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Same problem. PS4 solo


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After todays update,(installed on ps4) Himfjäll is empty. you can Fast travel to your spots but theres nothing there except flying tables and holes.

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I’ve got the same problem on ps4 since the update today, safehouses on himfjall have disappeared.

Don´t they test new updates? This makes no sense, this is not even a bug, it´s a serious game malfunction, an entire region affected :man_facepalming:.
Come on guys, the game was stable you can do better.
How many days for the hotfix?

It’s a bit of a blunder, alright. A hotfix is already in the works, that’s all I know.

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Thx for the info, i know the team can do a good job, this “Mistake” was just a bit…weird and Big, even for this game.

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Today installed the april 2020 update. After i got tot the DLC island Alpine Unrest ALL the buildings, cars, ski lifts etc are gone. Luckly for my the 4 Rivals level 4 are stille there. I reinstalled te game but with the same problem. The picture is the hotel.
Platform is PS 4
! DSC_0491|666x500DSC_0491

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