A Reaper Question

Me and a friend just killed a reaper, and we want to fight another one, our region (farmlands) is still high enough for the reaper to spawn, and I wanted to find out before starting to kill robots again. so

Is there a timer in between when the reaper can spawn in the same region, and if so, how long is said timer?

Sorry if this was the wrong place to put this.

Not a timer, just RNG. Providing your region level is above 21, and you have a slot for a Reaper to spawn then you will be fine.

The same spawn in conditions apply as for normal rivals.

IIrc my 2nd Reaper got spawned in immedialtely after I killed the first one as the xp conditions were met after he went down. But that happened just once, on other occasions a normal rival spawned in.

Since Reaper is classified as a Rival, it too has 2 gameplay hours cooldown time, before it respawns since the last Rival/Reaper spawn.

C’mon Aesyle - you’ve seen the posts when a Reaper spawns instantly after another

The cooldown for a rival spawn per region should be 1 hour spent ingame.
@AliasDJA If a Reaper spawns twice in the same region in a short period of time, that’s a bug and needs to be reported.

Is this really a bug ?
I mean, when the cooldown timer and the amount of generated XP meets the threshold immediately after killing a Reaper the next Rival will be spawned in, iIrc !? And on rare occasions this new Rival will be a Reaper instead, no ?

Exactly, WHEN the cooldown timer is done. Which is 1 hour for the Reaper, so you’re only supposed to be able to spawn 1 reaper per hour, per region.

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Hmm… ok. But when exactly does the cooldown timer start ? After I kill a Reaper, or does it start when like when the Reaper gets spawned in ? At least the latter scenario would make more sense to me, as it follows the usual Rival spawn scheme. Anyways, that scenario doesn’t happen too often, so… :man_shrugging:

Like I said, the timer is between spawns. It starts when the Reaper spawns.

Fair enough - I’ll find the posts and forward a bug report link

Which is why a new reaper can spawn instantly when you killed the first one, since the first one might have been around for quite a while before you engage it.

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I know? What is your point?

I’ve had that occured either in my realm solo and at others, where I was guest.
Explaination is simple - the figth took in-game hour. Or Reaper wandered around more than 1 hour.
About the first one - if battlefield conditions allow it, I sink into it all “lame” ammo while keeping best for last. Not as wasteful as recycling, but it can take a while if said ammo in majority is “slow-burning” (hunting rifles and shotguns). Oh and on higher scale of difficulty. All of that will give a high chanche to get next one instantly.

As for me - I’d leave it as it is (1 hour timer). This has good pacing between Reaper farm and it’s killrate, since Adventure and even MP makes it quick to fell it.