A returning players opinion

Hello any and all, I played gen zero nearly two years ago and decided to check out the updates and the “FNIX Rising” dlc. (BTW, FNIX Rising always makes me think of the Fenyx Rising game.)

I platinumed the game on PS4 and played through Alpine Unrest when it was released. Alpine Unrest was awesome, I really liked getting a new island and areas to explore. But I didn’t really like FNIX Rising, like at all. At the end of the rather short dlc I was left thinking, “Okay, is that it?” I’m sorry but it kinda felt pointless and contrived at times. The first npc you find is just chillin in a burning house being mortared and he doesn’t really seem to care too much.
I won’t go and detail everything but I’ll make a pros and cons list. I truly do like this game and that’s why I’m even bothering to spend the time and type this. Also remember that I play on PS4 because i’m sure this game still plays better on PC.


  • The new inventory is good, though it’s not great. I’m still not sure if I like it more than the old one but I do appreciate not having to arrange my stuff every 5 seconds.

  • It feels like there’s been optimization in a few areas, which is always appreciated.

  • The weight system is a really nice feature too, I feel like I can carry more without a lot of the hassle.

  • I do like the addition of melee weapons and was excited when I first got the sledgehammer. Though I honestly haven’t used it in combat yet, only to blow up cars for the achievement. Still, it’s pretty neat.

  • The updated map is nice and appreciated to see the world evolve more over time. Makes it all feel a little more alive in a way.


  • (Resolved) The number one biggest travesty is that you CANNOT store crafting ingredients in the storage box. Why? Please I need an explanation for this. I don’t use the crafting ingredients for anything so I tend not to bother with that whole system.

  • Grenades still get trapped in my body when I throw them. This has been a glitch since the get-go and I’m still experiencing the same old thing. I think it primarily happens when there’s lag so it’s not an overly occurring problem.

  • The game can still dip to 5-10 fps on PS4 in combat, especially when 30+ robots spawn on screen. At the end of FNIX Rising the final area was SO laggy it was nearly unplayable. A solid 5 fps the entire time I was in that stronghold.

  • This is more of a pet peev, but I enjoyed seeing my character in the inventory screen. It was nice, seriously it was one of my favorite things about this game. (As lame as that sounds.)

  • When storing items in the storage box I wish there was a way to split a stack of ammo in half. I spent 15 minutes waiting just to store half a stack of 5,000 bullets. There needs to be a faster way to do this, it’s a necessity.

  • The bike feels a little sad considering my character sprints faster than the bike can go. In a FNIX Rising mission, my character can walk the speed of a moving truck. That’s a bit weird.

  • I’m not sure what the point is in all of the different stations. I haven’t found an opportunity to use any of them yet. Resources and bullets and all that are PLENTIFUL in the open world, so much so that I leave 90% of what I find behind.

Obviously everyone wants different things and I’m not looking to be catered to my every want and desire. But this is a really fun game and I was hoping to see a bit more quality of life over the span of two years. I wish the best of luck to the dev’s and all the people like me who are still playing.


The crafting materials can be stored in the recycling station. Additionaly if you won’t use that system anyway you can drop them on the floor or store them in a downed machine or lootable container (or a corpse).

Great feedback, thanks for sharing! We have many cool stuff in store so I hope you stick around to check them out!

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Ah I see, thank you for letting me know. I certainly want to try out everything there is and max out my character. I’ve definitely got some learning to do again which is great :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Moved to #feedback-feature-requests, since it concerns feedback for the game.



Concerning the bicycle, I think they made it crappy on purpose just to convince people that vehicles don’t belong in the game.

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Haha, that’s an interesting perspective.

I do use them from time to time, it’s nice to be able to travel by road instead of running everywhere.
But I think they work good as an optional way of travel.