A serious complaint

The loot doest respawn at all. I’ve played this game a lot and I expect to play to the fullest before I hop off, and now all that happens is that I get on and the loot doesn’t respawn. I spawn in after fast traveling and I fall through the map. This is also a big issue that me and my companions have fallen into, literally. Please fix these issues or I want my money back.

Loot respawns after being out of an area for 4 hours of gameplay (while logged into the game). I’ve yet to encounter falling through the map. Can you specify which locations you are fast traveling to/from?

Yeah the guy above is right.

Welcome to the forums. Like xARCTICxx said, loot respawns after 4 ingame hours, to keep you on the move as you travel between areas. The falling through terrain bug is somewhat rare, but it’s been acknowledged by the devs and is being looked into. The only current workaround is to restart the game.

If you want to refund the game you need to contact the retailer, posting demands on the forums is not the way to go about it.


I dont think any loot should respawn at all.

I mean, who is there to put it back? I hope they remove item respawn and add ways to craft/gain items by doing stuff, or explore.

But going to the same place to pick up items that just keep spawning…doesnt belong in this kind of game IMO.