A short letter from the team on the delay of the Resistance Update for Xbox

We messed up, and we’re on our way to fix it.

Making the best possible game with our community has always been at the heart of everything we do. Over the past two years, the Generation Zero team has worked hard to improve the experience and make the world of Östertörn more fun, engaging, and menacing.

What we didn’t do, however, is find the appropriate development approach that fits with the ambitions that we’ve set out for Generation Zero in 2021 while all of us work remotely. While our key goal was to release updates simultaneously across all platforms consistently and make the processes more streamlined, we accidentally achieved the opposite. We uncovered multiple previously unknown bugs and issues on the Xbox version and are working hard to fix them.

All of you have been waiting and waiting (and waiting) for the Resistance update to come out on Xbox. It pains us to say that, unfortunately, you will have to wait a little longer. We are working hard to finalize the update while being careful not to overwork the team. We don’t crunch around here, and the health and safety of our team members will always come first.

With that said, we promise to be better. We’ve ramped up our resources, and our goal is to release the update on Xbox in November.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support, and we are committed to doing everything we can to not let you down.

-The Generation Zero Team


Owch, that is painful, keep up the good work

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Hello. I picked up your game today. Will I be able to enjoy it with the Resistance update this month?

If the update passes the cert then yes, you will be able to enjoy the update this month.

As we’re talking about “the update”…
Is there a chance that we see the next large update, promised to follow the xbox resistance update shortly after, this month, too?
Or at least can we get a hint for when it will arrive?

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@Madchaser I think this month would be impossible but December or January is 100% possible without any mishaps.


Is the update to xbox out? I received the “Good News” mission, is it safe to do it?

The update is out and has been since last monday. Currently Xbox have issues with crashing when the base is being blown up but other than that, i would say its safe to do.

I htink 8 months of waiting is enough time for an update.


I don’t know which amount of time is enough to wait for an update. Some games get updates almost every week, some never.
It is just the lack of news about the announced update (with weapon wheel and so on).

I don’t know if no news are good news or not. But I see the potential of this game and there is much that can be improved or seems unfinished.

It doesn’t matter when the update will arrive, I just want to know when I can expect it. But most important is, that it is good. That it is finished. Not just a “you wanted it, here you get it”. Know what I mean?


Also keep in mind that this is a smaller development studio and updates therefore also need a certain amount of time. Generation Zero is continuously developing thanks to a loyal and creative community / developers. I also recommend that when the time comes, watch the streams from Pontus live. There you can ask current questions about the game. If the developers are reading this, I’d like to make a suggestion. It is a constantly updated list of the currently known problems on the respective platforms. This could perhaps lead to creative solutions to some problems. Greetings and thank you for great game. Keep this alive for some years. GhostMJ


I think this a poor excuse for slow development. If the studio is too small, then just… hire more people? Yes, I’ve read “The Mythical Man Month”. Yes, I know there’s a shortage of developers in Stockholm. But, a lot of the things we’re asking for don’t seem like they should need very skilled or experienced developers to help with (e.g. a better GUI, fixing floating objects, fixing broken RNGs), and I would think there are plenty of people with “boring” jobs who would much rather be working on a game, so recruiting more sufficiently skilled people (not everyone in the team needs to be a “rockstar”) shouldn’t be that hard.

It feels like they either decided to be a small studio from the outset, and then ended up making a game that turned out to be too ambitious, or, they would like to hire more people, but can’t, for some reason…?

Anyway, I hope we’ll see lots of updates released soon, and that the reason why it’s been so quiet for the past month or so is that the entire studio is away at a spa somewhere, recharging their energy after what must have been a depressing and stressful 6 months when none of the new stuff they were working on could actually be released, and that they’re not simply stuck in merge conflict hell…

Hey gipskatt, a happy New year for you and the developers.
How Are you?

That is way easier said than done.

I think there was an article or interview thing that talked about this. About making more games but with smaller sized teams. It came out when Second extinction was released, if I can find it I’ll link it. Because I agree that GZ feels like a ambitious project that IMO needs more people. Updates have slowed down severely due to lots of issues with the console versions. I think they have bit more of than they can chew

edit: found the article

:point_right:If you have enough money for new developers, then help the devs with a donation. :point_left: GenZ is not a TripleA title, but in contrast to most major games, it has a much more creative development studio and community. Instead of complaining, try to find a solution.

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So what you’re saying is, they want to hire more people, but aren’t making enough money off their games to be able to? That’s a shame, if true.

Just a little comparison between two Avalanche games:
Generation Zero last stream of 2021 on YouTube - 307 views
The Hunter: Call of the Wild last stream of 2021 on YouTube - 2105 views

Guess where more resources will go :roll_eyes:

I haven’t seen any new streams for a long time on youtube

They abandoned that channel and moved to streaming on the Systemic Reaction YouTube channel.

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I’m not sure those numbers are representative of how many people are playing the games. I bought the game in April, 2020, and I’ve yet to watch a single stream (indeed, I don’t know why anyone would watch one?). I guess it depends on your… generation :wink:

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