A simple change to the beginning


The beginning says your boat was attacked when coming home. So the game would start just slightly further away from the beginning house. Youre on a beach with boat pieces laying around. Theres a machine nearby in the woods. Is it the one that blasted you out of the water? Objective is to sneak past the machine to get to the house. The game shows you basic stealth technique and how to properly use items to distract. Maybe just as you get past it your spotted on purpose as part of the mission, and now you learn how to sprint lol. You get in this house get the gun and destroy your first machine. Oh what about an objective to find a long time friend or something similar and/or find one of your friends that was with you but is now missing after the boat attack. And an objective to get back to your own home to look for family. Maybe there’s something that’s important you want to get from your room. This would allow the game to flesh out your charcter and make it feel more personal.


Great idea! Giving the character some backstory would give you some connection to them.


Thanks I hope that suggestion is looked at and truly considered


I hate to shoot down great ideas @renfroferdinan, but:

  • Your friends aren’t missing. They’re the other 3 co-op players.
  • You’re supposed to be a blank cypher. You are who you make of yourself. My current guy is an Engineer who served as a Medic during his period of national service.

As for your first idea, I think they nailed the creepy, atmospheric start.


Yeah I know that about the 3 coop players that are your friends from the boat, but this is your home and you are from somewhere on the map. You would know more people than just the 3 friends at the beginning. Your already looking for people that evacuated and are on the trail of those people. So trying to get back your home and/or trying to find your family and maybe a friend would not be out of the ordinary. Having something personal to do or find gives more meaning and purpose to do what youre doing. Honestly if you were on your way home and stopped short due to a major event, but you were close to or in your home area, you would make it a priority to try to get home. You’d want to find your family. Im loving the game and the atmosphere. Just thought it would be nice to have a little more pupose behind why im doing what im doing in the game. I mean I get the purpoae is to survive and figure out what’s happened, but a personal touch to the narrative sure does provide a lot more meaning and motivation to want to keep trucking along. Thanks for listening. Thanks for the discussion.


Awesome idea, but it would be great at the pre-production stage, not when the game is already released.
It strikes me, how blank this game is - a wasted potential - a canvas with a picture just being started, but far from finish.
I know they released it with a $40 price tag, but still - it’s unacceptable.


Lots of great ideas but the game is here.Alot is being asked of from the devs and tbh the main things that should be sorted is just the bugs wich they are working on.i think the game is one of a kind with quality ideas.Who knows there could be a gen 2.I also think this game is underated on the market atm based on the bugs.


IMO, the intro to the game is a bit too “telly”.
You get text and then you spawn.

I’d like to see an intro where you see the crawl about Sweden during the cold war with some illustrations in the background, then you spawn on the island where you were camping. You learn the basics of the game: fetch a stereo and put it in your camp site to listen to some music, you shoot some fire works, then you go sleep on your matress (because I think the game should have a sleep system where you can change the time of day and regain health without using medpacks). until morning, when you’re supposed to get into the boat.

A scripted event happens when your boat moves towards the coast and you actually SEE shots hitting the boat and you swim to shore. Then the rest is as you say: you are further from the house and have to sneak past robots before finally getting a gun.


I think the intro is so vague because the whole storyline unfolds as you play. I’m noticing people arent really doing missions and really delving into the lore of the game.

I’ve discovered a mom and daughter who
live near each other who met up in the evening before they were evacuated.

I’ve heard military calling for help on radio recordings only to find the convoy ambushed and everyone dead.

I’ve found safe houses used by survivors after the attack thanks to them leaving behind clues.

The games narrative is so different people don’t really know what it is yet.


Yeah, the narrative is actually a big puzzle that you have to solve, so it’s different from, say, an arena shooter like Anthem or Destiny. However, there is currently a lack of a feeling of accomplishment as you go through the missions–some seem pointless.