A simple request for a Take All key

Hello Generation Zero Devs, I want to give you guys a small suggestion, a take all key. Why would we need a take all key well is kinda simple as it would be faster to take like single items and easyer to get back in combat while looting a robot. I would love that as most of the time i take all items when it comes to looting bodys and it would make the game just a bit faster.

I have alredy postet this on the steam foums : https://steamcommunity.com/app/704270/discussions/0/2619339891539242595/

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Is there a take all key on PC? Because on PlayStation 4 there is one.

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The loot interface works the same as any other menu on PC. If take all is highlighted and you press enter, you take all. If cancel is highlighted, enter closes with nothing. If you select some items, ‘take all’ becomes ‘take’. Escape closes with nothing either way.
There’s not a specific take all key.

Is the console button different to how you use menus?

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Maybe a keybind was meant. Sure, you could highlight the button and press Enter, or click it with the mouse. But both takes rather long.

And is super cumbersome as the mouse pointer STARTS IN A DIFFERENT SPOT every goddamn time. It should be fixed during in-game phases (vs. in-menu, in-inventory), or even better be RESET once the loot screen is opened.

Fun fact: The Enter key is the one farthest away from both my hands when I play video games. Great developer decision. (same with spawning a bike, the Space key would have done the job much better)

It has been suggested before to have Q and E, e.g., for taking individual items vs. taking all of them. Or pick up items simply via single click (without even marking them first; would also make inventory space check much simpler -> only the current item is tested).


Auto-loot an idea?
For those too tired to press the loot keybind?

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Yes flick when we loot we have the option ’ Take ’ and ’ Take all ’ if we select ’ Take ’ then items have to be Ticked leaving the un-ticked behind . We use D-pad and X button , aye cheers


How do you like finding the cursor when it’s snowing?


Since my inventory is almost full most of the time I would welcome the addition of a third “Take As Much As Possible” button. Have a certain type of ammo in your inventory which isn’t fully stacked yet? In it goes! No space for the rest of the loot? Leave it where it is.


Thats a touch feature to implement. Think you have two half stacks of different ammo, and one empty slot. What ammo goes into the empty slot if there is plenty of both types.

And that is probably only the beginning.


Solution: drop unneeded stuff.
No use in hoarding.

So true.

Middleground suggestion then - auto-select everything that could be added to an already existing stack at least. That alone would save a lot of clicks everytime, and I don’t see any reason why somebody wouldn’t want to refill slots already in the inventory.

Why fill up Inv to max, with mostly entirely needless stuff?

As long as we don’t have a weight limit, that would be fine. But also rather useless. I usually have like 8 stacks of 7.62 in my backpack, half FMJ half AP. Two slots are not full. I kill a tank and get 5 stacks of 7.62 and a fraction will be picked up. I would have to manually intervene in most cases.

Auto-looting is just not practicable with inventory limits in place.

Who says it’s useless? Especially with the second suggestion you would only pick up what you have already chosen to carry in your inventory anyway.

Mostly because of the way GZ handles its stacks, though. I am pretty sure it’s no difficult real-life task to take some bullets out of one box and put them into another. :wink: Also, you could still select additional items just like you do today while it would still come in handy most of the time.

If you only picked up what was actually used and necessary, you would never be able to fill up inventory? o_O

In coop session share would nice option. You check loot, take what you need. Hit share and all items left on that container now shows to every player.

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OOOOH, me love!!!
Nice idea right there!!!

Even if it was, what’s wrong about a little convenience in the game’s user interface?

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Nothing against convenience…
I just totally fail to grasp hoarding. :slight_smile:

It certainly beats having to explain to a group of Tanks that you have to get back to the safe house to pick up some more ammo. :wink: