A "simple" skin idea...?

Right off, let me say—I don’t know just how “simple” this really would be to implement. It’d depend on how the default quality tier visual models are handled, compared to how the different skins are. Anyway, I’ll get on with it…

The idea is this; skins for every single weapon in the game currently, just by repurposing the different quality level visual models.

Every weapon has 1C to 5C quality levels, and some go all the way to 6C/Experimental. Each weapon therefore already has five or sometimes six different visual models already in the game. From the heavily rusted 1C, somewhat rusted 2C, “battlescarred” 3C, “mint condition” 4C, and “custom refinished” 5C appearances, plus the FNIX-styled 6C experimental finishes. That includes DLC weapons, 1C to 5C models with their different quality tier visual models.

Some folks out there don’t like the idea of the shiny, satin/chrome finished 5C weapons, and don’t use the 6C weapons for whatever reason (their choice), but do like the “character” of the battlescarred 3C weapons or the clean, military look of the 4C weapons… If they could use those visual models like the skins, applied to other quality tier weapons, they could get the look they want without sacrificing power—or enjoy the power without being blinded by the sun glaring off a satin/chrome weapon, etc.

So, say, you could use a 6C experimental with the satin/chrome finish of the 5C for an even flashier look…or run a beat-up looking 3C skin on your 5C weapon, for a little extra “character”…

As for how one might acquire these skins, maybe they could be tied to the weapons when first picked up.

You stumble across that first Moller PP, pick it up…you get the 1C gun, and the 1C skin for it. If you then wanted to make it seem like your character has kept that same gun from start to finish, throughout all your travels, you’d just apply that 1C skin to your latest and greatest Moller PP, as you upgrade from 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C. You would still get the upgraded night sights of the 5C, for those weapons that get them, but otherwise it looks like you’ve held on to that same gun you started the game with.

You stumble across a 2C K-Pistol, you pick it up…you get the 2C gun, and the 2C skin for it. The gun serves you well early on, so you decide to keep using that skin in honor of the old gun, even as you upgrade to the 3C, 4C, 5C, all the way to the 6C. You’ve “kept” the gun that served you early on, and upgraded it as you went on. That sort of “feel.” Obviously it isn’t really the same gun, but you stick with the skin because the gun gave you the edge you needed in a fight early on.

Much later on, you got your first 4C some time back…got the 4C gun, and the 4C skin. It is clean, neat, in good working order, but not too shiny, so you have no problem using the irons. The gun doesn’t blind you in the sunlight. Not like the satin/chrome finish on the 5C gun you just picked up. You don’t like the 2x RDS on this particular gun, so you put the 4C skin on the 5C gun, so you get the power, but you keep the look you prefer.

I’d say this sort of thing ought to be part of a free update, for everybody to enjoy. For those who bought the weapon packs, none of the DLC weapons got any skins yet, this would at least give them some skins for those weapons, instead of completely leaving them out. Already pointed out how those using base game weapons might enjoy the possibility, if it would be workable.

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I don’t like the idea, but that’s just my opinion.
At least for the 6c weapons it wouldn’t be as easy, as their models are slightly different and therefore the texturefiles should be built differently.

the posters on the walls through-out the game, might make nice weapons colors, :neutral_face: I really like the Heavy-Flash poster in the game

I personaly like the idea. Personaly id like to see the 5C skin reworked, Currently it feels wrong. Like sure im guessing they have applied a protecting layer to the metal. But idk Im one of the people that bring the 4C versions of the AG-4, AG-5 or any other “Shiny” Weapons. I only enjoy the astethic on the Revolver and Hunting rifles. It doesent feel right that a Assult rifle would be that shiny.

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Thought about it twice now.
I think it would be ok.
But I think you should just be able to apply a lower class skin.

Well, I don’t know why anyone should use a lower class weapon instead a better one either way… Just if there is a 6c version and you want the 5c version because of augmentations or because the 6c is too different (Älgstudsare, Magnus, KVM89…).

It’s somehow curious… In most other games the people want shiny golden guns or similar… But here the not as shiny versions are prefered. That’s weird, but cool.

For me the 5c versions are ok as they are.
But even the lower classes would be fine if the Texture quality would be better. I feel that especially the 1c and 2c versions are in really bad quality.

You got to remember it’s is just a few people who want this. Players can’t expect the devs starting adding everything that some people want to the game. I don’t even think about weapons being too shiny. But they can suggest it of coarse. I’d rather they add wildlife. :joy:

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Think about this for a minute; the weapon visual model is made up of several different parts. There is the base model—the shape of the weapon, the barrel, receiver, stock, pistol grip, handle and head for the sledge, etc… Then there are the skins themselves—the paint scheme or metal, wood, and plastic finish on the weapon. Then there are the experimental components—which are just tacked on separate bits, unique to the experimental weapons, not removable by the player, and NOT tied to the weapon skin…

Think about it; you can apply the current skins to the experimental weapons…which means that the skins are applied beneath the various different bits that “make” the experimental weapons ‘experimental.’

So, if the different ‘quality level’ visuals are just skins, or were adapted to work like skins, they, too, could simply be “painted on” underneath those experimental components, the same way the current skins are. Likewise, that black base coat that the experimental weapons get would be, or could be adapted to be, transferable and applicable to any other weapon in the same way.

The high-visibility/night-sights on most of the 5C and 6C weapons are also not covered up by different weapon skins, currently, which suggests they, like the ‘experimental bits’, are effectively separate from the skins and overlay on top of the skin.

For a short while, Echelon, it actually was possible to get a weapon skin for the K-Pistol which featured the Heavy Flash styling. I think it wasn’t supposed to be available, so it got pulled from the drop list, but those who already had it got to keep it…though, for some folks, another K-Pistol skin—Swedish Resistance, the Swedish forest camo skin with resistance markings added—has gone missing…

I still have the Heavy Flash skin, but have lost the Swedish Resistance skin. Same goes for a buddy of mine, who was using the Swedish Resistance skin before it disappeared…


“Most” people doesn’t mean “everyone.”

In any other game I’ve played, I’ve tended to avoid those flashy, nonsensical, or even cartoonish weapon skins for the same reason that I avoid them, here. While others ran whatever brightly colored or “most-recently-acquired” thing they had, I was running the more ‘serious’ skins. Actual camouflage patterns, or more subdued finishes that would actually be of use in reality, things that wouldn’t get you spotted and killed immediately. Same thought process with character skins/outfit components, here. And I’m not alone in this. Not even just karnitin and me, either. There are more than two people who would take advantage/make use of these ‘lower quality’ skins.

It’s actually pretty unfortunate that more games don’t make better use of a full camouflage system, a bit like Metal Gear Solid 3 or some other rare examples. Hell, GZ doesn’t even bother with light and shadow impacting stealth/detection. Flash light turned on? Not a problem—machines don’t notice that bright, hot flashlight bulb pointed right at them! IR vision modes, but they don’t react to heat sources!

Not everybody who plays GZ, or any other game, is a 12 year old who is easily distracted by bright colors or flashy finishes, or feels the need to show off their progress in the game by using whatever skin they most recently unlocked. Those folks may be the lowest common denominator, the unwashed masses, but they aren’t everyone, and they aren’t the only ones who should be catered to.

No offense to the kids, really—the world takes all types…play however you like. Just don’t be so amazed when you stumble across others who play differently.


Just because I make a suggestion, doesn’t mean I expect for sure that it’ll get acted on in the way I’d most like.

It is only an idea, stated publicly with wishful/hopeful thinking. And with it potentially being a simple thing to do, and potentially being readily applicable to the DLC weapons as well, it might be be considered by somebody to be a reasonable way to spend a little working effort. Just maybe.

Only way to ever know, is to put it here in writing. Let the devs be the ones to shoot the idea down, or ignore it completely, if it must be.

Again, just because only two people have really expressed interest in this sort of thing does NOT mean that only two people ARE interested in it. There are others out there who would be pleasantly surprised to suddenly have more serious skin options, even if they were just reused basic assets. Tip of the iceberg sort of thing…

While reading your first letters, this came also to my mind. Like standing in the woods, not seeing the trees.

That wasn’t a critics. I love it.

Yeah, thank god there are still some serious people.