A Swedish Kick in Genz?


these look fun


They are fun. As kids we used to race with them. Down step icy roads. A miracle no one got more hurt than a few bruises. We tried to push /tackle each other on our way down.


Do kids still use these? I still have my engraved one stashed away in the garage. Way to small for me now of course but it will stay there until i leave this world.



En Spark! Basically a wooden chair with handles on top, placed on two long metal skids. You’d probably find them more in the northern parts of Sweden, since they required thick iced roads to be able to use. So when the roads froze over back in the day and there were no snow plows, this is what you had to use.


Kids of to day stay indoors and play videogames. I live above the arctic circle and here they are common. Some senior citizens use them all year. You can attach special wheels on them. But it’s not so common anymore. But in the 80s it was. They used them as a walker/rullator.


I live in Norway and started to think about it during the last live stream. Cant actually remember if ive seen a spark the last few winters… Then again i have a hard time remembering what i did last week so it might just be me…

Edit: When i think about it we dont really have that much snow and ice either anymore. And they spray salt on every sidewalk so that might be the reason…



Here it’s mostly in villages you se them. In towns they tend to put a lot of sand on the roads and walkways. So not so fun if you speed down a hill and hit a big patch och sand and come to a sudden stop.


A “spark” was a more common sight 20-30 years ago. That’s not a very long time ago, but the winters were colder and weather was more stable back then. I live on the coast and the weather is all over the place in winter, quickly changing from 10°C and heavy rain and wind, then changing to 1 meter snowfall in 3 days, or to short periods of -10°C or even -20°C. It mostly lies at around zero, so you’d end up carrying your spark more than it would carry you. :wink: You probably need to go above the polar circle or deep inland to get good conditions through winter.
Is it fun? Yes. Would it work in GZ? Probably not. :joy: