A thanks to avalanche

Dear Developers, Marketing-Specialists, House Maintenance Professionals, the guy who refills your vending machine and in total, dear Avalanche:

Thank you to let us participate at this early stage of the game. yes yes i know, joining a beta isn’t a privilege, it’s a task. We beta testers are tasked to test and Feedback your peace of work, not just play it as consumer, but he’ll yes, I love your work. Not as a hype-train-passenger fanboy, since I see the issues and lack of things, but I see also the great potential in your vision and this isn’t gonna be the next Sea of Thieves or State of Decay 2. This game could become a real amazing experience and right now it feels so great to play it. By the way, your sound artists… I’m a former soldier - hearing this gunsound In the wide opened landscape is just awesome. Finally a game that sounds so right!

So, since the beta is almost done and I’m not able to pre-order your game on Xbox right now, I’m looking forward to see another beta next year maybe? Or early access? Would kill the story-twists, I know… Never the less, thanks for this great game!

You just realized the sweet spot of Time with your Stranger Things Setting and if your Story-twist is as good as it seems to be, you just made all right!

This game is way better than Disney’s Infinity (Just kidding)
Have a beautiful Sunday reading all this feedback posts :wink:
But no crunch-time please!

Vending-Machine-Guy, it’s up to you that they are all satisfied. Only one job! You are in charge now!