A True Nightmare (4 Tanks)


WOW! That looks fun yet scary at the same time. Nice screenshot…

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It was hell and the amount of ticks droped frames it was a sea of red coming toward us


Time to put your trainers on and leg it :slight_smile:

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That is one brave guy standing in front of all the tanks. :grinning: Though I’m not sure if that is a player.

It was my friend he got them all lined up for the photo


“I’m just dying for a photo opportunity…”

Once I spawned in the hangar, just south of Normyrra. There were 4 Tanks, 2 Harvesters and a whole bunch of smaller critters. Then I had a brilliant Idea - could those Tanks destroy all of the lesser machines?

The short answer is - YES! :laughing:

Just run around like a crazy person, die a lot and re-spawn, repeat :wink:

Had 4 tanks at the windmills and 4 more nearby once, now this area is empty for me :confused:
And at the hill SW of Bockhyttan I have encountered 10-11 harvester at the most…those were the days!

I dug up one old screenshot made in early April :wink: