A Vanguard's Vision (2021) - Description

What started as a simple spreadsheet of random ideas noted while touring Östertörn, has now evolved into each idea getting it’s own feature and soundtrack.

These then have all been individually stitched together, so that each idea flows into the next. The vision is set on both the South Island - ( Site B ), and the Island North - ( The Grid ) currently locked. Now obviously being locked content - game footage there is not going to happen. So to fill the gap’s you’ll be getting some audio and visual references from " external sources " along the way.

Only the host will track progress, if the host dies - it’s all over. There is no field radio use, or fast travel across the island other wise it’s all over. If you invite players in while on the Island, or someone join’s because you didn’t check you multiplayer settings - it’s also game over.


General references to the two islands in currently locked, taking note of the location finger location of Asa Jefferson on the lower map at the end. We then see a map with another map once considered - with clear access to the other islands. North Himfjall crossing was considered - but you can get there by yourself so there was no point. The last two shots are of an old Charta map that flagged its similarities to Östertörn.

Alias - The the Spark @ Boo

Headphones / Tom Scott - Today

Alternative access to Site B - Route 10 - Bridges and Walkways

Even though this path was chosen for me, Gybert showcases a great collection of shots while on Route 10, showing the alternative ways for consideration in game to cross into Site B.

Headphones / Dubvirus - Bridging the Gap


		A history wiped - a truth silenced. 
                   They knew the risks, and now all we have is memories.
                   Your answers to why you are here, but time is against you. 
                   We hide safe on the edge of the Site B

	       Through the forest, then to the marker..

	        I will contact you there. 

Olsson Forest - Gameplay / Save the Planet

Olsson Forest is a dence, overgrown forest of 75% darkness abandoned of life a long time ago. In it - you’ll find light trying to break through the canopies above - but it’s limited. The idea was to set your eyes up for a much darker fight ahead. Gameplay had to include the transition between light and dark all the way through battle - a real sensory overload. A simple concept, but combined with gun & explosive audio mid battle - in-game pyro - and downed machines to light the battleground, this for me - is Generation Zero.

Headphones / Reso - WarMachine ( DJA BeatJuggle )

The Marker / Judgement Day - Mission 1

Make it out of Olsson Forest, and Fredrik’s marker is revealed… a rogue Reaper. Getting you here was nothing more than a test. This Reaper however cannot be destroyed - it’s purely a bullet sponge to waste resources making gameplay harder across the island. Downed by Reaper into blackout fade.

FREDRIK / VIGGEN - With your help, there is a way.

Your first look at the voice, Fredrik, with Jenny who saved you from death. Fredrik plays you a recording of his history with Svante Von Ulmer…and his connection with FNIX. He found evidence on Himfjall, and where the Reaper hid at FOA 4 - and recovered documents confirming Svante’s theory of integrating with the machines. His mission took him here to Site B, leaving his signature tobacco across the mainland should he fail, and other’s seek the truth.

He asks for your help in return for saving your life. You will need to loot military binoculars, a control relay solenoid, the optics from a tanks head, Display & ECU, and finally the laser sight module from a FNIX Hunter found across Site B.

Fredrik explains the crater in the Farmlands was caused by 2 FNIX cannons, hidden within the mountains, which fired during Cataclysm Day. Finding these items across Site B, will allow Fredrik to build an Integration Module ( I M ) so he can connect with these cannons.

You accept the mission, and gameplay mock up finding a tanks head out in the forest being guarded by a seeker. Note all of Fredrik’s items needed will always be guarded, so you will know when you are close to one, but will not be marked - but spawned at random across the map.

Headphones / Fredrik’s Vision - DJA

King of the Castle / Why you no hit?

I’m keeping the abandoned structures and buildings and putting them not only into Olsson Forest, but will also act choke points while in search of Fredrik’s items across Site B. Some mission items may spawn at these structures, or even hidden within them. But what may seem safe at the time - will always lead to an ambush getting out. In this Vision, some game play within the ruins @ Osterhallen Castle, Himfjall.

Headphones / Lara’s Theme - Tomb Raider 3 (OST)

Into Darkness / Tunnels & Caves

This is one of the fundamental visions that has stuck from the start. The forest gameplay was set in a dark environment with restricted light… but now it’s blackout. Within the mountains hide access caves and tunnels that lead you to the cannon location… that may or may not - have the items you are looking for.

Finding your own way through the darkness of tunnels and caves with your senses on edge is exactly what I wanted. Amanda put it best, #happyscared. I mock up a cave found in the mountains following weather change, using the Bear Cave as visuals, crawling in and out of darkness to slow down the pace of the game. Remember though, there may be nothing here - but exploration is key to mission success. Gysbert then back in with a collection of shots to visualise the different types of access points in, and out of different caves and tunnels - within the mountains - for consideration.

I then take you into some gameplay within the guarded tunnels of a tick hive, paying attention to the type of visuals and audio in this environment. Final scene is pure blackout, where we find our machine hidden at the bottom of the tunnel, where we find our last item - a laser sight module from a FNIX Hunter.

This now completes Fredrik’s items he needed for the IM. Jenny then radio’s in - but reluctantly, also needs our help.

Headphones / Dubvirus - Rising Sun

JENNY / EMELIE - Mission 2.

    Veronika spoke highly of your skills - but her standards were low in comparison. 

We need 2 spare wheels

U frame for support


Yes - 4 hydraulic legs

JENNY / EMELIE - Developers Graveyard ( Tunnels )

    With one more....maybe

Past the graveyard, through the caves, into the lake

If he...

But.. the the journey back...

For the final item she needs, you will need to search the top of Site B, and into the developers graveyard North West. This location will be full of ideas from Avalanche Studios that never made it, all the forgotten ideas, machine parts, Easter eggs, plus they seem to like destroying land mass, so here they can go crazy.

Your battleground in this area of Site B, will be a much more industrialised, metalwork heavy, abandoned environment. Heavy fog and dust, minimal visibility - but hidden in the shadows will be abandoned loading bay - following the power lines above - that leads you to the first water feature, and the only item of fixed location on Site B.

At the bottom of the lake circled, is the frame Jenny needs, and of coursed it will be guarded… glory days Littorp guarded. 2 FNIX Tanks, 2 FNIX Harvesters, 6 FNIX Hunters, 12 FNIX Runners. There will also be multiple machines already in the water - once all the machines are dealt with, your item will spawn in one of these machines.

Now jumping in and picking up the frame from the lake will be easy, but it’s going to add base weight to your character as soon as it hit’s your inventory… causing you to lose the sprint function. Only once you give the frame to Jenny, will your character return to inventory weight.

Water / Movement, Weather, Atmosphere

First I had to test what was actually possible with water in game. Visuals of the tunnels and caves where Jenny’s items may spawn. They will be visible in shallow water, but - you got it…guarded. Machines will be hidden within the caves both at eye level, and from above.

I looked into damage taken while falling into shallow water, gameplay perspectives within water at different depths, angles, transition between land and water, audio change while in water, thunderstorm, snow, rain while on water, visual restrictions while above, or below water, weapon limitations while under water along with any visual changes.

The BF4 Megalodon Easter Egg is shown in full for reference to movement in water moving vehicle in combat, a sequence setup to an event, synced progressively with weather change, into dark thunderstorm for event finale.

Headphones / Dubvirus - Breathe

Goldeneye Feature

As titled, this feature covers the battle in guarded industrialised area sorrounded by mountains - while searching for our mission items. Jenny makes contact after you find these parts and leave the Graveyard, and get back out in the open. Fredrik has gone and he’s taken all the items with him.

Headphones / Goldeneye 007 DAM THEME || Metal Cover by ToxicxEternity



It' not possible!!

JENNY / EMELIE - The machines, they…never come

           Fredrik went North, convinced FNIX still exists

           After he completed the module, the machines -  they... disappeared


           You have to find him before he finds FNIX 

Jenny has bolted 2 Cykels together using steel, and supported the front with the U Frame - to allow a KVM59 or KVM 89 front mounted.

Jenny also added the hydraulics legs from runners on each corner for recoil support because you will be able to pedal, and coast while shooting. The vision here was to have host on the gun in front clearing the path ahead, but in multiplayer, additional players covering the host and the machines in the mountains.

Machines this time, F23 setup, FNIX Harvester, FNIX Tank, but with Laser rocket dogs hidden in caves within the mountains as you progress after Fredrik, FNIX Hunters above dropping smoke rounds from the hills above.But because of it’s weight, top speed is only 20km / hour, making this a patrol through the mountains, not a run and gun.

QuadraCykel / Gysbert’s Run

Now obviously I can’t show you in game footage of my QuadraCykel bottlenecked on Gysbert’s run through the mountains. However,

I did manage to find some gameplay that does show shooting enemies with environmental explosives while in a moving vehicle, shooting enemies at speed and height in a baron landscape on a island, with build up to final boss battle and escape from area once down.

 BOSS FIGHT - EBBA v.2.0 / FNIX Tank, Reaper HP

Headphones / Jurassic Park - The Lost World Arcade ( Stage 2 & 3 )

Quick Maths / FNIX 2.0 - Mission 3

FNIX 2.0 is a tribute to the visuals, themes, and colour palette of the FNIX Rising DLC encapsulated into one single location. This will be your only opportunity to get to all stations here before you leave. The boat location will be guarded like the FNIX Security Prison, and you will have to deal with them before you can access the crossing point.

Additional visuals included here were the communication dishes facing the next island, red security lights that scan across the docks and into the water, land based red cooling towers that work both as cover - but will explode if damaged while in cover mid battle. On entry you will find 3 FNIX buried storage containers. These containers have registered what weapons were in your inventory after you crossed the bridge into Site B.

Each of the 3 containers, track the ammo count within each Weapon Slot again at the point of crossing.

Container 1 - Slot 1, you’ll get half of what you stared with back. If you started with 2000 7.62 rounds in an XKVM59, you’ll get 1000 rounds back.

Container 2 - Slot 2, as above.

Container 3 will track sidearm for pistol ammo used. If you crossed with a melee weapon in the slot - or crazy enough to not have anything - you get half the adrenaline, and med kits used up to this point.

Your boat will be sheltered, but below you - so you gotta jump in. Full red light district visually, taken over by FNIX electricals, glowing FNIX cores, exchanges, wiring, but your not quite ready to leave yet though.

Because in order to get the next island, you will have to cause Fredrik to crash his boat there, leaving him no choice but to power up The Grid. You will have 10 seconds to hit your target. Your target is of course - Fredrik in his boat escaping when he is between 350 - 450m into his crossing. It will be a shot at range - so I included a watch tower on the shoreline outside the docks and up top you’ll find a 3c PVG 90, fully setup to take the shot. Make it - your boat start’s up ready to go.

Headphones / Teddy Killerz - Pandora ( DJA Vision Remix )

Eagle Eye 2.0

Fredrik’s boat wasn’t my first idea to hit for the crossing marker. It was meant to be a target, or landmark - so there was a bit of testing needed. In this vision, a collection of possible choices of things to hit for the Eagle Eye 2.0 shot - single machines, a pair of machines both stationary and moving, flying machine, or quick kill sequence of 2 machines any sort, fixed point item with explosive inside to trigger sequence, shooting through an object, shooting metal work to cause a spark to trigger environmental explosion, quick kill sequence of 2 machines while airborne, Gysbert’s Landmarks to hit for reference - Runestone, Wooden Face, Stone Pyramid on the shore line visible across 2 islands which sparked the idea initailly to hit across into the other island.

Headphones / David Guetta (feat. Skylar Grey) - Shot Me Down

Now, for those that have had the pleasure of my Himfjall Christmas Special, will know it starts with the boat crossing - available with the Alpine Unrest DLC. The speed of the boat, the anticipation, that suspense of what’s to come was the vision to pull through - but I had to increase the threat level.

With multiplayer in mind here - the boat choice had to be big enough for 4 - with room to shoot so I chose a PBR 710.

1 spot on the wheel house canopy for you snipers. Mounting point to attach the KVM59, XKVM59, KVM89, and N60 if purchased. Remember though, your gun, your ammo. The PBR does come with some weapons as standard - back of the boat - a 5c PVG 90 w/ 50 AP rounds. Front of the boat - a tub for 1 player to sit in, equip with 2 x 3c N60’s with 762, 7.62 AP rounds between them ( 381 each )

So at the halfway point, you’ll be ambushed by FNIX Hunters and runners both with laser. Grenades from the runners through the fog, with FNIX Tanks providing mortar rain. As you get closer to shore, a fire burns - and your boat is hit with a single linear accelerator shot. Your boat will now be on fire, and you will take damage from it for 10 seconds of coasting, then once beached on the shore - you can exit the PBR.

PBR Journey / Access to The Grid

Visuals of the PBR 710, mounting points for weapons, available space and movement when on it, pace and speed of both PBR and gameplay and different threat levels while in it. Mock battle of machines on the South shore bank of The Grid, then getting shot by Frank’s Linear Accelerator causing you to crash on the shore.

Headphones / Cyberwrath 6916 - ( DJA Vision Remix )

Talk to Frank / Carni

Here he is, his cameo at last. Created by The Cheese himself Carni. Frank The Tank, and his Linear Accelerator is guarding our way to Fredrik, and into The Grid. But first…testing.

I had to make sure the shot had the range at that height and distance to work, as well as make sure it wont blow up the PBR in one hit during the crossing. Luckily, metal work isn’t effected by his party trick - as shown with the car, and spotlight.

So good news is, the PBR will also act as permanent cover during the crossing. Frank will have Reaper HP…but take him down and he will reward you with his Linear Accelerator. Once looted, it spawns and remains as a trophy where the Reaper once stood at FOA 4, Bergfinken.

Headphones / Fight - DJ Fresh ( ShootingHorsesRmx )

 FREDRIK / VIGGEN  -  You cannot stop this

                      Svante ignored my warnings

The Grid / Stage 1 - No Seekers Allowed

Firstly, we are in a no seeker fly zone, Fredrik knows we’re coming and serve no purpose here.

 ARENA  -  Central Nervous System / 10 Hunters ground level / 10 Hunters with Laser Snipe Rifles above / 1 Harvester

 BOSS FIGHT - EBBA v.3.0 / FNIX Tank with Linear Accelerator, Reaper HP x 2

The Grid / Stage 2 - Hard Wired

            - Visuals showcased in Part 6 FNIX Rising DLC Early Access by Wired Gaming 

	- 6 FNIX Laser Dogs, 6 FNIX Hunters - but with ticks that move at 125% speed. 

            - Your waypoint in a door that glows blue East - but only opens, once everything                   here is destroyed.

As the door drops we see a blue tick, drawing power from a FNIX Core. Naturally - we shoot it, but the core explodes leaving us an exit out of here, but somehow the tick has survived.

Fredrik has left us a warning. A modified FNIX Tick who’s party trick knocks out your HUD until the tick is destroyed. From here, aftershock post core explosion, HUD returns but with gameplay now at 50% speed with bleed out visuals in the HUD.

Once all 3 FNIX Hunters guarding the exit are down, you crawl through the blown out wall into the reeds and water.

The route is as pictured, and this is where water comes in, and around the marshlands at the top of The Grid. Push forward through the reeds and water, into the lakebed, under the bridge, back up the bank, and make your way across. Also note, you will also have a continual wave of pinch ticks, trying to knock out your HUD, but they stop after you cross the bridge.

The Grid / Stage 3 - Back to your Roots

For those of you lucky enough to have the collectors edition, will recall the concept art postcard within the reeds and water. The vision here was to pull that concept through into it’s own fight sequence. Now, knowing the limits of water, combined at different depths, across the landscape to slow you down, as well as reduce your visibility overall is exactly what this area needed. 8 FNIX Runners, 2 FNIX Tanks, and a seeker in the reeds and water for tribute.

At the end of the bridge, will be shelter, big enough for 4. You can do an inventory sweep, gear swap / top up - basically get yourself reset and ready with what remaining gear you have. As you leave the final stage, that’s right he’s back.

Frank makes a final cameo back from the dead, turns out like the Reaper he has the ability to teleport himself from one place to another without any explanation, and now fully functional…kind of.

He’s on his last legs, you can see the dangling remains of the red threads from his red jumper. But this time, he does go down for good, and gift’s you an oversized red turtleneck to wear from the remains of his - that get’s saved in your clothing inventory. Once Frank is looted, the timer starts for the final battle with Fredrik.

Headphones / Breathe - The Prodigy ( DarkStep Syntax Remix )

Start the Clock - Fredriks Pinch / FOA 2.1

The timer feature is a spin on The Face of Adversity ( The Bike Mission ) but instead of a countdown, this one will be timed and recorded in the host log. There is one fundamental issue in Generation Zero, we cannot replay our missions again… so repayable content was my thinking, within a timed event that would be worth the effort solo, or as a team.

Headphones / Basher - The Pinch vs The Prodigy - Mindfields / (DJA Vision Remix)

FOA 2.1

FOA 2 has a lot of history in the Generation Zero timeline. An ever evolving location, with subtle changes as updates, and hotfixes made their way through.Fredrik has taken the IM module we helped him piece together, and intergrated with the remaining connection to FNIX on The Grid. In going so, FNIX has created him his own machine, Fredrik’s Pinch.

Based on the FNIX Tick, it has 3 charges on it’s back that knock your HUD for 30 seconds instead of the previous 10 seconds during Stage 3. He knew of the source of the Reaper at FOA4 - and has taken it’s army from Bergfinken to protect him here.

So just like the Reaper left, I’m pulling all 109 Apocalypse Runners & 27 FNIX Hunters over to The Grid into FOA 2.1. The Apocalypse Runners have been evenly divided into each segment of each of the 8 walls like Borg on charge and will be at 125% speed during the final battle.

The FNIX Hunters will be on top of the wall surrounding FOA2.1 in clock formation, again at 125% speed during battle. The remaining 3 FNIX Hunters, & 13 Apocalypse Runners will be at ground level acting as a clutch for the gameplay battle itself so it will be a constant, ongoing, relentless wave of enemies.

So for every Apocalypse Runner or FNIX Hunter destroyed on the ground, another comes off, or on top of the wall into the arena. There will be no set pattern of course - pure RNG will determine where the next machine will come from. The 30 second HUD knockout from Fredrik’s Pinch will come at intervals in sync with machine kill tally as follows :

16 Kills / 40 kills / 75 kills / 100 kills / 136 kills ( final machine )

Hashtag - No Horses

Visuals to show an overwhelming battle environment with different machines, gameplay within FOA 2.1 with FNIX Hunters @ 125% speed, Pinch Tick HUD knockout gameplay. Only once machine 136 is destroyed will it leave Fredrik expolosed for a finisher of your choice.


		Forgive me

Headphones / Supermoves - Overseer

Fredrik’s connection to FNIX is through this, the integration module. Build using the items we collected for him across Site B.

We equip it to the Granatgevär m/49, and it gives us our first experimental attachment allowing control of the 2 cannons on Site B.

You’ll will unlock Jenny’s safehouse - to do the whole sequence again from the QuadraCykel reveal all the way to FOA 2.1 Remember host tracking only so you can re-run this solo now to beat your own time.

After the missile sequence - it will auto un-equip and start a 1 hour in game cooldown, and of course audio for each of the 5 missiles - so you know they are on the way.

Few things to mention -

  • Equipping the IM to a Granatgevär m/49 will put you in an over-encumbered state.

  • The Laser interface from the FNIX Hunter is used to target, 10 sec countdown to lock on.

  • If you are doing a re-run to beat your time, or helping someone else who is host try to complete it for the first time - Fredrik will drop you every Adrenaline and Med Kit you used, as well as a tin of Kapften to collect for successful completion of FOA 2.1.

Mission complete, time logged, and a new experimental attachment. There is one more vision to pull through, and it’s the laser sight. We need a laser for marking the strike zone, so the player now needs this feature as well.

The Apocalypse runners have been given green lasers for the final battle in FOA 2.1, but there was more to the red. Surely, it a matter of copy and paste from a FNIX Runner-with it’s grenade launcher onto a gun, in game.

Here’s some visuals of the laser sight in motion - then into the best example I’ve got to show the lasers through the propane gas of The Reaper… visually it looks awesome, and a feature the player should also have. So I leave you with my testing at the FNIX Research Facility, 1 more vision, and the ending.

Overby FNIX Research Facility - Laser Sight / N16 Launcher

So in principle, transferring the laser sight and grenade launcher feature is a matter of copying code from FNIX Runner, onto the N16. I used the current feature as base statistics - looked at the current tracking capabilities on the runner, the damage caused with direct & indirect hit, laser and grenade speed, and accuracy overall.

On reflection - a direct copy of the laser sights would work onto an N16, however - the grenade launcher speed increased to 50%, and range an additional 20 Meters.

Overby FNIX Research Facility - Along came Cl4p1te

Future weapons for consideration * Headphones / Jnthyn - Dioma

Vision (2021) Ending Montage * Headphones / Where is my mind? - Pixies