A way to keep assualt missions from spawning past level 1

can we get a way to stop assault missions from making it to level 2, I wanna get as many level 1 assualt bases on the map at one time, it would help with the assignments 0/7 in 24 hours

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Only way I know of is to leave the zone. Say you’re in marshland and the prompt pops up saying it’s been established. Leave marshland without gaining anymore xp. No killing and don’t gather anything. Fast travel to another zone that has neutral control points and repeat it there. Be wary of rivals that have gone AWOL from the zone they spawned in. The xp will count towards the zone they are from, not in.

I still think that it’s impossible to get 7 lvl 1 bases.

well there is another way to get 12, level 1 bases, across all 4 world’s, however I don’t like much because my command tokens are not added all in one

plus my world 3 & world 4 still have the radio maintenance mission on them, :hugs: as long as I don’t go online when entering world 3 & world 4, the radio maintenance mission will stay otherwise it gets over written by this week’s Dead Drop mission

I’m going for 9999 command tokens, that’s why I don’t like doing base assaults in other world’s, has anyone reached this yet

NOTE: this could be considered spoiler info: Read at your own risk.

The base spawn seem to be on the same timetable as the rivals and the same leveling up, one happens and the other then happens not long after. They both are also region point based. So destroy machines in the same region after a spawn cycle and you will level up a rival and/or the base as you earn points, leave so the region points stop but the timetable continues.

Best bet is to jump to another region and continue to play till a spawn happens in another region, rinse and repeat. Return to the first region after the timetable expires for that region. Easy way to tell a time table expired, look for things that reset on the map, that includes day cycles too. When you jump into a region that is in a new TT, you earn points for next rival/base spawn and hope the other bases/rivals don’t level up while grinding for region points.

If you need to grind for anything, then learn the timetables. Grinding for region points is a lot more fun when you jump to a region and all the machine hotspots are back. You let the timetables stack up and who knows what you can expect, one thing is more machines everywhere.

Note: That is on PC/steam.

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