A Wrench in the Works, Keycard disappearing



Platform: Xbox One S

Description: when getting in the office for the quest A Wrench in the works, i saw the keycard next to the PC but i picked up the snus first, at that moment the keycard disappeared and apparently i did not pick it up, and now i can’t get into the prototype lab

Steps To Reproduce: can’t really try it??

Images / Videos: did not record it and not much use showing an empty table (without keycard)

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: No, playing alone

Specifications: i tried going back there multiple times, tried finding diffrent ways to enter the lab, nothing i tried worked to fix it


Having the same issue, I’ve reset my character after I finished the main story


probably do the same, i might just go achievement hunting and the collectebles and such


I have the same issue and there is no way, to really ask the make of this game any questions. it’s this forum. and i play on a high end pc


The devs look at the forum every week, and they’ve answered many, many posts about bugs and feedback. If you want to talk with them live there’s the weekly Wednesday Stream Q&A which I can strongly recommend.


I’m there every Wednesday man :smile:


Same issue as above this is now the only mission haven’t completed
Is there a way to get the key card to respawn?
As can’t get in via the back door. Or through the main doors up the ramp in the main compound (end of train tracks)


i had a friend come into my world and open the door for me, now the mission is still not completed but i’ve been inside and did what ever the game wanted me to do, i just did not get xp and it did not complete the mission although i did in game…


Hello everyone :wave: @Decaying-Minds @oscar @Jkdboy @KittyTheCat

This issue is in our internal bug tracking database with a high priority to be fixed.

The issue has been reproduced in-house in the following way…

  • When you pick up the “snusdosa” first and then interact with the PC the key card will shortly thereafter despawn, resulting in you not being able to unlock the door and complete the mission.

We have at this time one known workaround, similar to what @Decaying-Minds mentioned. If you are having this issue and do not feel like waiting for the next patch see the workaround steps below!


1) Player A: Who is blocked from completing the mission hosts a session

2) Player B: Who has completed the mission previously joins player A’s session as client

3) Player A & B: Go to the “Overseer’s villa” (the yellow house) where the snusdosa, key card and PC were found

4) Player A & B: Observe that the host does not see the key card on the desk, while the client, who has completed the mission previously, can see the key card

5) Player B: Pick up the key card

6) player B: Unlock the door to the prototype lab

Result: Observe that the door is unlocked and that the mission can be completed.

Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience and thanks for reporting! :pray:


Is there any way to get any updates that are for this game as none exist as a downloadable link.


The game is updated via Steam, on PC. A fix is coming that focuses mainly on missions in August. Until then we will have to wait.