Ability to actually pause in solo

It would be a handy feature when playing solo, since life is life and all that. Pressing ESC (PC) doesn’t actually pause anything so if things IRL come up you are usually in trouble in-game, unless you find yourself in a ‘safe’ place.

I know it is possible, even with us running a ‘server’. For instance, Conan Exiles have a mod that does this, the recent Outward has that option after pressing ESC.

Thanks for reading.


That’d be nice. At present, I hide in the back of the nearest truck or in a shipping container when I want to get a drink or go to the dunny. But if somebody rings or comes to the door, I have no choice but to either ignore them or fast travel to a safehouse.

I once made the mistake of just hiding in a shed, but due to the currently bugged detection systems, I came back to find that three hunters had magically found and surrounded me, with one ominously clipping though the wall. :frowning:


I agree,i usually try and hide in a container or upstairs in a house but the bots can still see and get me through the walls.So being able to properly pause the game in solo would be really good.