Ability to enter tanks

A tank from that era whould get smashed like a small can. And what modell whould the tank be?

I think the tank can 1 or 2 shot a big mech because of the shell caliber size and velocity its fired at, The tank could be either a Landsverk Lago, Stridsvagn M/42 or a Pansarvärnskanonvagn III

But since hunters blades can pierce a modern tank and old tanks doesnt have so much armour it whould be a death trap. And why ww2? we have modern tanks.

From what i can see so far, the bots have destroyed all functional modern tanks around the map, but since the premise of finding ww2 tanks sealed away since ww2 would add an exploration factor with some sort of reward for the effort, giving you a possible edge in battle, heres a tactical scenario for example, you and 1 buddy have a tank, set up in a well covered area to provide as much protection as possible, and a teammate on foot, you can have that one teammate bait the big bot into the trap and start firing tank shells into it.

But they are still relics and where whould we find them? Sweden in the 80s didnt store so old tanks in storage and they where either scrapped or put into museums.

We took the towers from our old ww2 tanks and put them on pillboxes for harbour defence. The rest of the machine got scrapped and made in to new weapons. So why not make those pillboxes usable in a mission.

I like the idea. Or even let us sneak up on them and plant C4 on or inside a hatch on their bodies🤭. But keep it all the way coop. I like GZ as an only coop game but can all be done

How do we know they can go through tank armor? We can’t go in the tanks, so it seems you may have jumped to a bit of a conclusion. Although, it’s true that WW2 tanks had less armor, so they would be less affective.

On himfjäll you can see a tank with hunterblades in it. The blades are like hunters tried to pierce the armour.

Oh, I see. I haven’t seen that one. Personally that seems entirely unrealistic, but it is what it is.

It’d be nice if we could at least pop their hatches and loot their former occupants.


Yeah, just that alone would be nice, logistics notwithstanding.

considering real world points of those tanks littered threw out.
it was a very wise choice sealing them up in the first place.

  1. they are death traps
  2. there is no logical loot to be found in one
  3. they are serious death traps

with the way they have been totalled your a sitting duck in there. further more you would be wondering in to your doom looking for non exsistant loot did you ever notice how they are all on fire?

They aren’t always on fire, but they are often, true. However considering I can find a fifty cal in a kitchen and grenades in a bathroom I don’t think realism would matter all that much.

I’m mostly thinking it would be good for things like rockets.

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They are armed with 7,62mm machineguns so finding ammo in them would work. And the shells for the cannon could be explosive material and copper.


Yeah, that’s one thing I didn’t even think of. We could loot materials like copper from them.

I’m pretty sure that if you rocked up to some robots in a tank then you’d soon find out why there are so many blown up tanks all over the place. Except maybe against runners.

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true but for this to not be ridiculous the player would have to not be able to survive 40 bullets

Are you talking about while in the tank?

No, I don’t think so.
I don’t know how he manages it, but he has the opinion that he can survive 40 hits or above on guerilla…

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