Ability to enter tanks

Right now we can open cars and trucks to get loot, which is great. But I feel like the tanks are grossly under used. We can’t open them, much less get inside. I feel like this is a missed opportunity because they would be a great hiding spot, and would probably be really good for loot such as weapons and ammo. I know that although they look big on the outside, tanks actually aren’t very roomy, so they would really only be good for single-player mode by way of a hiding spot, but the rest of my point is still valid.


this sounds cool but why would there be any room inside or even a hatch? the main body is just machinery to make this thing work. a giant engine pretty much. i think it might be a little more likely for harvesters or wolfs. the wolf has a chunk of it where the eye slot is that looks like someone would be inside, even if there isnt.

He is taking about swedish army tanks that are scattered around in the world.

doesnt really change anything does it, nothing but machinery inside both

All tanks have a crew compartment. So plenty of opportunity of looking some ammunition and other loot.

where has it been said theres a crew compartment and how could a human possibly fit in there when it needs to have all the machinery to actually work?

All tanks need humans too operate. Usually 3-5 people inside. A regular tank as in the army.

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pretty sure we are talking about the tanks ingame

ah crap im an idiot ive been thinking they meant getting in the giant two legged tanks

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Yes the human army tanks. Not the machines

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Yes,my apologies for the confusion. I’m talking about the military, tracked tanks. Not the robots.

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Now that that’s cleared up, what do yall think of the idea? We wouldn’t nessisarliy be able to drive, we’d just get inside.

Not bad, but not perfect.

  1. They are small. You could get stuck inside.
  2. I don’t think that you’ll be safe in there. It’s more like a deathtrap

But for some loot, why not?

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I think it could be a good spot for one person. It could be used as a fox hole in a fight. But not for completely going inside. It is a very cramped space and in this game that would probably be equal to stuck.

But they could add Bandvagn 206 (BV206) that has a compartment for troops.


I like that idea. Since we wouldn’t be able to drive it, I’m not expecting anything super complex, but I figured it would make good short term cover if nothing else.

Also, kind of a side note, but what do you guys think of adding a feature that makes the tank able to shoot. It could be sort of a one shot trump card that deals massive damage, but it can’t be reloaded.

if they are on fire and rusted and this damaged they prob cant fire

The tank in game. Stridsvagn 103 doesn’t have a turret. In order to aim you need to turn the entire vehicle. So I don’t think using it’s main gun is a good idea. But it has a KSP 58 in an AA mount. So using that one as a stationary weapon when you are standing in the open hatch. Could be a feature for a base defense.

I like the idea of having a usable tank, would kinda balance out some battle scenarios. They have the tracked mech “Wolf” already in so there is some experimentation with tracked vehicles. I think it would be a brilliant idea if they added a mission to the game where you find a list of map coordinates for vehicle bunkers sealed and hidden since ww2 and you as the player have to find them and get a usable ww2 era tank