Ability to save offline on PS4

Good job on getting the ps4 up and running before the weekend.:+1:
The first thing I wanted to try was being able to save offline, still doesn’t work on second Gen PS4.
So in an online game I have made a note of when the game saves to compare with offline.
Now for me the game is creating a save file. So online for an example you look in a box and exit, And it saves, offline it saves as well because I just check the save data time of when it last saved, But offline you don’t get the symbol top right corner.
If I exit to the main menu it gives me the option to continue, But if I then close the game and then load it up again, the ps4 no longer recognises the save data🤪.
Now i’ve Mentioned this in someone else’s post, when you load the game online your user name is displayed bottom right by the tape cassette animation, offline the game doesn’t recognise me, If I use 7 days to die as an example, That game recognises me as a user online and offline, I’m probably talking rubbish But is that maybe why I can’t play offline?
I’m not good on computers that’s why I have a PS4.
I really want the ability to save offline, I created a new user just to see if my old one was the problem, But no joy.
It would be interesting to here from orher PS4 users with slimline version and pro version to see if they can save offline?