Ability to used remove components

When you are fighting a machine and you shoot off one of its components, I think you should be able to run up and loot it. So if you shoot the weapon off of a Runner, you can get the ammo from it, or get a Hunter’s Tick Pods before it is destroyed to use on it if you have that skill.

and if we can borrow ideas from other games, some machines could have a special weapon that you can shoot off and use. but the ammo on it is limited and you can’t keep it. like Horizon Zero Dawn.

I do know there is a skill you can purchase that allows you do loot damanged components if you damage them during a fight. However, you can only loot the body of the machine after it is killed :slight_smile: Not a bad idea though.

i had that skill on a previous play-through attempt. its the only way i managed to get anything off of a seeker. i guess the components usually get destroyed

You are correct. Lots of people complain about how seekers often don’t drop anything :slight_smile: However they don’t realize that depends a lot on how they go about destroying the seeker. I don’t think that it should drop nothing, but at the same time if you’re just blasting away with an AG4 or AG5 and hitting every part of the seeker then maybe that’s what we should be expecting to see.

For example, if you use a hunting rifle or .50 cal and you shoot off the speakers on top first then the seeker definitely won’t drop that long range lure device. If you destroy the seeker without hitting those speakers on top at all then it usually drops it :slight_smile: Unfortunately I don’t recall the name of that lure off the top of my head.

Heavy Comm. Array Lure

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