Able 2 store the companion in the companions inventory

’ and the weapon skins ’ 4 whatever purpose lol

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I don’t know what’s your intention.
Yes, it’s known that the companion offers an additional space of 32kg.

It’s like mary poppins bag… Put some homing turrets inside you wouldn’t be able to carry either and then pick up the companion and put it into your backpack.


Your second screen indeed is something I noticed, too. This must be unintended. You could say “a bug”. We don’t really have the skins in our inventories as selectable items. Well, they can be attached like an attachment. But if opening the companions inventory, we see them as transferable item. You cannot drop them for other players, but it still doesn’t make sense why they are listed there.

You ideally dont wanna be storing the Companion in its own Inventory for some pretty obvious reasons. You can see the option of this at the bottom of the left inventory of the first screenshot.


Had to zoom in to see it.
Weird. I didn’t have the “option” .

What Happens if I store the weapon skins into a companion 🤸 will my friends be able to get them also

it’s always fun testing these out

I didn’t test it yet, but I think that you’re not able to drop items when you’re on the pets inventory screen.
At least there is no hint for a short key or button to drop something.

They unequip from your gun, thats it

When the companion is in your inventory, how did you get the companions inventory to open?

With the companion station?

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