About Quest "the enemy of my enemy"

it says there should be a device and some notes in a little ship, but my teammate picked them so fast that I dont have a chance to know what are these two things is. can someone describe it for me? Im sooooo curious. thanks

A keycard, documents, special tier AK, and a device for disabling the main computer guiding the machines. I kinda want to say it’s a Russian suitcase nuke.

Thanks! I thought the device might be something against robots more useful than guns at first :joy:

is there some further information provided right after finished this mission? about where the main computer is, where to use the keycard, or something write on documents?

Missions told me to explore bunkers and find maps is the only thing left in my Main quest list, I wonder if I missed something:thinking:

When I picked up the items it completed the quest and automatically gave me the next quest “Behind the Curtain” with all of the info you asked for actually, it’s weird that it didn’t for you. I had explored all of the bunkers already so maybe you need to do that first.

You have to have a couple of other quests completed for ‘Behind the Curtain’ to show up, most notably ‘Empty Spaces’ (which in turn requires the quest you get for exploring the FOA 5 facility in the southwest of the North Coast region). I think it may also need ‘Wrench in the Works’ to be completed too, but I’m not 100% certain of that.

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thanks again! i will continue my journey

I got it, thanks~:smile:

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