Accidently movement locked

Hey, I somehow locked my movement…I dont know if its a bug but does someone know how to unlock it again?

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Its not a bug there is a new weight cap and you’re carrying too much even when it says sprint disabled it means that your carrying just about enough just go ahead and drop some stuff then you can be on your way :+1:t5:

If you look at the bottom left near your equipment it tells you how much weight your carrying so you can now see when your about to have this happen, I’m not a big fan but it’s better than what we had b4 :+1:t5:

thank you soo much :3

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no worries man I’m glad that I could help if you need any tips feel free to message me I’ll be checking this everyday :+1:t5:

Since the issue’s solved I’ll be tagging and locking this.