[Achievements] Friend got "Go-Getter" after just three side missions

The two of us played together for a couple of hours, he was hosting. He got the Achievement for completing 25 side missions, even though we’d only completed 3.


Maybe the stats are just for MP? Had he completed more side missions on Solo before you played? I’ve noticed alot of issues in MP with achievements, xp earning and looting too. I tried to play with a friend last night and it kept booting me out of his game saying host has ended session but he never did anything, it just booted me out of his game right in the middle of it. MP is rough not gonna lie

as you can see in the screenshots, he completed exactly 3 side missions:)

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@SR_Carni sorry I should have been a little more specific. I’m fairly new to the game so I wasn’t sure if it shows separate stats for the MP stuff, I’m just getting into that part. I have no idea then, I can say I have alot of strange problems with MP myself, safe houses unlocking that I’ve already unlocked, disappearing XP, crashing and what not. There are definitely a lot of issues with the MP at this stage