Add a closed beta before any publicly released updates

Hello developers!
I want to be a beta tester/bug-hunter, and i guess that there are others on the forum who also would like to contribute.

There are a number of reasons why this would be a good idea for you as a company, and from what i understand, there is already a mechanism for this in Steam.
I think it would also provide a better experience for the general gamers, since they would be spared most of the game-breaking bugs that sometimes slip thru your own quality control (probably because of limited time for testing).

If there were a beta-period before the updates go live, many of the obvious bugs would be found, giving the developers a chance to release a better, more stable and properly tested update/dlc, witch would in turn increase the game quality for the general public.

I have already paid for the game, have no intentions of recieving any freebees and im willing to sign a NDA, even tho it wouldnt be neccesary in my case(integrity is my blood and bones). Also, i speak swedish… :slight_smile:

A private section on this forum could suffice as a feedback/bug-report channel, to keep beta content away from public eyes.

So outsource your bughunts to allow the developers to concentrate on the development. :slight_smile:

And finally, if you dont want my help for free, i may be able to accept a per-found-bug-based fee of femti öre! :slight_smile:

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