Add a free look feature


I think we should be able to look around without moving our entire body like in DayZ or Arma 3 by holding alt to look around with our head


Since your characters body has no inertia in generation zero, we dont need such a feature. You can turn as fast as you can move your mouse.


Besides what was said above and if you still like to get a free look camera without rotating your body, jump on a bike. Then you’ll have the free look camera.


Or do an emote, free look camera


The dev team is at least familiar with this feature. Not sure if it’s in TheHunter: COTW, but it is included in TH: Classic, where it actually is a really useful feature when you have to move very carefully, and still keep your eyes peeled for any movement around you. Not sure if it would be very useful in GZ though, since it’s an action game, and TH on the other hand is a simulator. I bet that was the dev’s thought as well. :slight_smile:


And please make such a feature working with headtracking systems.

I find myself more than often turning my head - to no avail… - when returning to GZ from e.g. ArmA 2+3 or Elite.