Add ammo to guns

I don’t know if this is a bug or not:

Let’s say I have 5 bullets left in my gun. In my inventory I have 50 bullets. Now, when I move these bullets to the gun those two switch places and I now have 50 in my gun and 5 in my inventory. Why can’t it just add these two together so I have 55 in my gun instead?

Also, sometime when I find ammo it doesn’t add that ammo to the same type in my inventory. Instead it creates two slots with the same type of ammo and I have to put these two together manually.

Also #2, having med kits in the quickslot and picking up another one puts the new in my inventory and not in the quickslot stack. Would be nice if they stacked automatically.


You need to move the ammo from the weapon to the inventory, then put them together and then back to the weapon. I really hope they fix this soon.

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Another thing is the inventory getting shuffled up when you pick up a gun. I like to have my inventory sorted nicely. I like to keep my ammo nicely organized at the top so I know what I have at a glance. Generally, it stays that way - until you pick up a gun. Then the entire inventory gets shuffled. That annoys me to no end.

The inventory system is really horrible. After a while you learn to work around it, but we shouldn’t have to. I do hope they can get that polished in the next update.

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Yeah, or completely run out of bullets in the gun before putting new ones in from the inventory.

They 100% should fix this

To prevent this, make sure your 2 slots for the gun is next to each other, that way the inventory will not jumble up

Mmm would say that a big problem why manually do that just press R to reload

Yes, reload and automatically use the same ammo if it’s in the inventory.

For the most part that’s what I do. I try to arrange / defragment my inventory so that I have all my free space open and consecutive. But the way the inventory system works currently, it requires a lot of manual intervention to keep it that way, as things don’t stack right when you pick them up.

Yes you can reload. The problem is that it takes one slot in the inventory instead of adding up to the ammo in your weapon. So to free up space in the inventory you need to do this manually.

Another thing, either add a new keybind option or let us double tap “R” for a quick ammo swap. Shouldn’t be instant, just play the empty reload animation every time the player switch ammo.

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This… This is so incredibly annoying. Every time I find ammo for my guns, I need to drop two items, pick up one of the types of ammo, empty my gun, merge the two instances of ammo, and put it back in my gun. Then pick up the other type of ammo, and repeat for that gun, then pick back up the two items I dropped to be able to do this. And I have to do this over and over and over and over again.

This really needs to be fixed.

When you pick up ammo you have in a gun, it should merge with the ammo in the gun already (not the one in the clip, but the rest of it that you use for reloading).

I can’t believe they mean for it to be the way it is now.

Also, when I find weapons that are not in a box or bag, I would love to be able to see its quality level so I don’t have to empty out my inventory of a few items to be able to pick it up to see the quality. For stuff in boxes, crates or bags, I can see this, but not if the gun is leaning against a wall or laying on the ground etc…

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Indeed. The static world loot weapons and attachments should really have a tool tip or something that shows its quality to prevent exactly what you just described. It’s frustrating beyond belief to have to do all this inventory management just to be able to see if what we just found is any good or not.

Also, much like ammo, when you pick up items that have incomplete stacks in your quick access slots (health, flares, mines, etc), they should be added to those incomplete stacks until they’re full vs going to your general inventory and then having to be manually moved to the stack in the quick access slot.

Having to micromanage our inventory like that is just frustrating.

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Yes, I forgot that part.

And if I find a higher quality gun and drop one of the guns I have in my weapon slots, I can’t pick up the new unless I make room in my inventory first, only to then move it to the weapon slot, and then pick up the items I dropped to make temporary room for the weapon.

yes, especially when there are attachments involved, then you have to drop even more stuff to pick those up and put back on the weapon

Happend to me today lol inventory shuffle and possible ammo loss at the same time.

AMEN! I spend so much time doing this I get burnt out on playing a lot quicker