Add food items that gives you little health


There are food everywhere but you cant use it.


There was a little cake called semla for a bit during an event


Having items like that in the game will be cool.


Yes, there are Selma’s - give you 20 Health


With Semla in the game (which is actually a pastry, not a cake), it is possible that future brings more food consumables in the game as well.

Incorrect. It gave 10 HP.


Before consumption.

After consumption.


Must have been greedy and had 2 that day.


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Pitch black, nukular infused COFFEE.
The type that wakes the dead with the smell alone (as i drink my coffee).

Well, drop the Adren Pens, this stuff is divine Nectar. lmao.

Serious though, it could give a great stamina boost (increased stamina regen, less stamina use, or even just remove stamina drain for X time).


I like your idea - we are in Sweden, right :smiley:


Well, I am in Belgium, sir, but… :stuck_out_tongue: