Add hit boxes to shelves at warehouses


OK, this was a one in a milion situation, but I just got blown up while being inside a warehouse and got stuck inside a crate unable to get out :crazy_face:

Some hit boxes on the upper shelves would be nice :wink:


Description: After a Tank fired its mortar and blew something up, causing a chain reaction into the building I was in which blew me up and downed me. I revived myself only to get stuck in a shelf. Machines couldn’t kill me either, acted like they had no idea where I was. Eventually had to blow myself up with a grenade and respawn.

Steps To Reproduce: Have an explosion kill you and send you under something.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host.

Players in your game: 1

Xbox model and game version: Xbox one. Version: November 5 update.


So I’m not the only one :crazy_face:


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