Add weapon skins or a art crafting table!

it would be nice if there was some quest/mission or side quest where you can obtain as reward, a skin for a gun or maybe a skill tree where you can learn various skin patterns, so you can be able to craft them, with maybe 40 Glue and 35 Plastic, idk, i think that could be good, let me know if anyone thinks like me

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There are skins you can find … and if you want more, buy the skins pack. :wink:

Btw. Although some of the skins look nice, I didn’t buy the DLC. The skins don’t add anything of use so it’s wasting money in my eyes. I would also say that it’s wasted time of the devs / artists. Finally, I don’t like your idea due to my personal opinion about skins in this kind of game and I think they should do more senseful things instead.

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Fashion is endgame.

Like the pink snowsuit with all +hide upgrades.
Moon shoes with +stealth.
Actually wearing the spiral glasses.
Bathing suits with +fire bonuses.

Style over substance!