Adding a Experimental Game mode


The Experimental Game mode would be something you could change before starting the game and would be working like a test server where we could test a new update that is not fully finished for Example: we could test a new inventory system.
that could give the Devs more interation and playground for more ideas and and reactions from the players
and maby a way for more cool events that would be not possible before or testing things like how many shots do i need to kill a Tank with a Möller PP or give us a in-game vote System to get the most accurate results and many more options that could come with that


Whille I think this would be an amazing thing to have in the game and other games do stuff like this too (namely Minecraft) one of the things that I think the devs like about this is not giving spoilers, but having a experimental game mode would allow us to figure out the dps of certain guns and what are most ammo efficient for the amount of damage they do, what type of ammo works best for your play style, and (In my opinion the most important) what skills work best for your play style and how you could utilise them in combat. It would also give you the opportunity to try out different consumables, and work out the best times for using them.


I don´t want to sound rude, but until now, most of the new updates, brought lots of bugs, the last one then…everybody knows…and for some days Himfjall island was missing for the PS4 players.
So it´s obvious something is not right, testing the updates with players might help to prevent issues like these to happen, so as long it would be a different save or “Mode” looks like a good idea.
I think i speak for many, when i say there are many players that enjoy the game, after so many bugs and screw ups, they are still supporting the game and willing to help, so this might be a constructive way to help?


Oh, what I was thinking was like a purpose built map, like completely flat, and you would play with your charater’s clothes and emotes, but nothing else (no skill points, no xp, ect.). And there would be another section in your inventory where you could select stuff to spawn in or something. No, I do not want to lose my save at all.


There’s already an internal beta for testing upcoming content and reporting issues. I don’t think a public one would work, though. It’s not a bad idea, it’s just that I don’t think the dev team could handle the huge influx of players giving input, and organize an experimental game mode on top of the normal game.


You are right, but the thing is, this mode only seems a good idea because their internal beta is not working properly, otherwise it would not be necessary at all, but an entire DLC missing from PS4 clients for some days?
And the recent rocket/ railgun exaggerated stats ?
It might have something to do with the Pandemic…but it´s not some minor bugs :confused: .