Adding DLC weapons to assignment rewards

And if you don’t have DLC just get a base weapon.

I think this is actually one of my fav parts of the Assignement rewards, DLC weapons, minus the Vintovka at the moment, have a much higher drop rate than vanilla guns. Right now, with all DLCs enabled I get around four 4* and two 5* DLC weapons in a hard base defense. One 5* kpist comes on about 20 5* DLC weapons, and the Möller and such are actually quite rare drops, so I actually used the assignments to get the missing 5* guns.

A way to satisfy all needs would be adding a roll for a DLC weapon instead of putting them in the same assignment loot pool as main game ones if the player owns a DLC.

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I hear you, they’ve always has issues with the drop system. I’ve heard through the grape vine that is why the DLC weapons and accessories have such high drop rates, which was because it either didn’t seem to drop at all or it drops an extremely higher rate. After hearing that, I can personally say that I’d rather have five or six of each of the gold dlc weapons versus only having one or two with all the time I’ve played. While, yes, you could always put up a post to see if you can get a trade for what you’re looking for, but I’d bet that 9/10 of the weapons or accessories in trade are duped, and I’d prefer to avoid that whenever possible.