Adding more weight to corpses to help with ragdoll issues

Enemy corpses should have more weight to prevent them ragdolling and getting flung across the map as it can be very demoralizing to kill something like a harvester only to have its lootable corpse fling itself away from you into the sea.


Carni said during one stream that they’ll look at that.

I think they have an issue, currently (for a while, now, actually) of different machine parts causing physics/collision glitches (conflicts) which is what actually results in the machines getting flung at random. Previously, I think individual parts like machine weapons, armor pieces, etc, would almost immediately become non-physical, such that they could not cause any physics/collision/hitbox conflicts… At some point, however, that behavior seemed to change—the parts remain physical much longer, so a machine dies and falls on the parts, the wreck and the parts glitch into one another, cause a conflict with the physics engine, BOOM, physics engine EXPLOSIVELY separates the parts.

SnowRunner has or had the same sort of problem, in a way. In that game, though, it’s vehicles—the parts don’t separate, so when a conflict like this comes up, the chaos doesn’t stop with just one good fling. A truck can “helicopter” around the map, banging into things and churning up all kinds of chaos, until the game either crashes or the player gives up and hits “recover.”

Anyway, simply adding weight/mass may or may not fix the issue. But I know where you’re coming from, OP, and it isn’t a bad idea. It may still help, either way. Could be a little help, could be a lot of help.