Adding things in the crafting section

Hey, i have thought about this and certain bullet types seem to be more rare than others so i was wondering could you add a create ammo section in the recycled materials place. I have tons of extra crafting because i cannot find i think it is rubber to make outfits and would like to invest in something equally valuable. I am enjoying the game very much so and looking forward towards it’s future.

Having a gun with the ammo type you want improves the drop rate. Tanks are best for ammo, and loot Klinte Harbour, Mudskudden, F23 Airbase, FOA Facility, FOA2, and Norrmya Atrillary Base.

To get rubber easily, recycle: scopes, silencers and vision mods.

My bad, it is plastic that i cannot get to make outfits/armor thanks for letting me know you can recycle the material

Getting plastic is even easier since recycling following items gives you plastic as well:

  • Möller, Klaucke 17
  • HP5
  • AG4, AG5, .50 cal
  • m/49
  • barrel extensions, compensators, choke
  • vision mods

The higher the quality of an item, the more plastic you get.

For the 50 cal? Good to know then thanks