Additional Content?

I understand Generation Zero is still in development. Will there more more content to add into the world? It’s fun and exciting exploring different settlements and encountering the robots that roam the world, but will there be more? Maybe adding some secret tenchology in the north bunkers behind the stronger robotic regime? The atmosphere and graphical design is beautiful and the enjoyment is there. I just can’t grasp enough gameplay. Looting is a bit repetitive but I digress, I need all the resources I can. Would be interesting adding in some kind of catastrophic event to where you’ll have to change routine on how you approach some enemies maybe? Even adding some NPC will make you feel you’re not absolutely alone while searching for the rest of the survivors, people who decide to stay behind after the evacuation sirens? Just a few ideas, a bit of concern for the growth of this game. Again, I enjoy Generation Zero, love the idea. Seems likes a few things are missing to get the whole feel of a robotic overrun while following a paper trail to where civilization has evacuated. Thanks Devs if you get a chance to read this. Just some ideas and opinions I had of the game so far. Keep it up! :+1: