Adrenaline counter

I feel like it would be very useful for the game to tell you how many adrenaline syringes you have when you die.
I want this (and hopefully other people too)mainly because exept for going into your inventory which you can’t do when you die there isn’t really any way to see how many syringes you have.


I don’t know whether to support the idea or not.
At first I liked the idea to see a number somewhere next to the players health. On the other hand I ask myself what it might be helpful for.

If I go into combat, I prepare myself. I take ammo, equipment, medkits, adrenaline shots,… If I don’t have enough in my backpack and plundra I could craft some. (In this case I check my inventory either way)

During battles of course I try not to die. That’s not always possible, of course. If I die, I immediatly see if I have enough to respawn, or not.

Btw, I just take a small number, about 3, of them with me. It improves the chance to find new ones and it’s easier to track how much are left in my inventory.

So now the question is:
What would you do if you’re in combat and you see that just one adrenaline is left? Would you then stop fighting and run away?

While writing this, I got the idea that I might have misunderstood your idea. So I would suggest to improve the respawn screen with some more information to help desciding whether to revive or to respawn at a safehouse. (XP you may lose by respawning at a safehouse, adrenaline shots left when using one,… )

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An added number beside the pop-up to spawn or use a shot could be helpful.

But one of the things experienced players learn from the hours of play is to keep track of their own inventory, especially the blind inventory of shots. Being a host of public co-op, I see a lot of the lower-level players spawning back and forth to the closest safe house during battle due to lack of shots or saving them. Some even state they forgot to stock back up. So I carry 4 field radios so they can get back into the battle quickly. And for the novice player, I like they come back with 100% health and not just a 20% boost, they lose that fast enough if they stay in that battle.

If it becomes a feature, it would be nice on the pop-up screen and not anywhere else.

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When you die, and you are out of adrenaline syringes it only gives respawn safe house option.

Using syringe you stay in combat, you receive full combat XP if you win.
Respawning to safe house will be failed combat, and give you reduced XP.

So going to safe house even you have adrenaline syringes in middle of combat is waste of already used adrenaline syringes by forfeiting XP already gained in combat. My point of view having counter in down screen is yay or nay.