Adrenaline shots?

I’ve been playing for a little bit and before the most recent update adrenaline shots would be vary common and I know this update lowered the spawn rate of adrenaline shots but I haven’t been able to find any for the past few days I’ve looted severy city’s and bunkers and haven’t found any

Since the hotfix the adrenalin shoot drops are back but very rare.

I don’t carry adrenaline any more carry a radio if get into a big fight and die just respawn at safehouse then can go bk to radio that way don’t lose anytime spent travelling just xp from fight …there’s quite a few radios about …!!

No I’m still having the problem the only way I’ve been able to get adrenaline shots is if I drop the ones I have then lot bags and stuff

The hotfix is for PC only, I think for console they have not released it yet