Adrenaline VS HP Pack Stacking

Now, I NEVER use Adrenaline, I find that cheating, being Godmode like.
I do however munch down a LOT of HP packs (logical).

Now, Adren stacks up to 20 units, where HP packs to… 5?
This seems quite bloody wrong, doesn’t it?
I mean, Adren is almost game breaking OP (if not game breaking OP that is), and still that gets much more stack volume than HP packs.

What I suggest is to turn it around, in a way.
I would say: Adren stacks to 5 units/stack, and HP would now stack to 25 units/stack.
Because… logical?

Thank you.

My HP does stack in units of 20…

You mean Adrenaline…
Not HP packs.

@larz moderator to Discord and dear friend, said this: “basic 25, i can see that, medium 15 at most, and adv 10, more will just create a massive farming issue and it would be adreadline 2.0”
I like this idea a lot, actually.
Thank you, my friend, you made a darned good observation.

I don’t see adrenaline as cheating, if it brought you back at full health I would agree but most of the time it seems as if I run out of ammo before I die, use adrenaline to revive and get killed again as soon as I reload.
I don’t think they need to change adrenaline but if they do, I would rather they keep it at 20 but limit it too one stack in your inventory. I don’t use it much lately myself but would not like the stack size dropped and take up more inventory space.