Advanced logging of machines/rivals dying?

Somewhere on the map there is still a terrain hole that makes big machines drop down. I’m sure because the big old splash sound from back in the days plays again for me when I resumed GZ. Sometimes Rivals dies too exact same time the splash is sounding, I got the messages but only that is dead, not mentioning the “killed by player” part.

Is it possible to get some advanced logging running with death and positions to maybe finally find this hole?

I don’t know which sound you mean.
Regarding the rivals that get killed somewhere:
This can happen for example when they’re falling into water.

Or if they are in a region that has Soviet machines also, then the Soviet machines can destroy them. It will cost you the rival and cause the region to drop a few levels.

Just as long as you watch them.
I’ve never lost a rival just by sitting in a bunker and looking at the map, waiting if one of the two opponent rivals vanishes off the map.

There was just one which obviously went into water while I was somewhere else until now.

Others just died during battles where I was present.

The old bug from early days? Machines was frequent falling through in holes and you did hear a big splash/flushing sound?
I may have a idea where it is, the bigger town in down on the south coast. Had to google a GZ map - Kålleby, My friend told me some week ago that the machines was stupid running out over the pier at the bay that enters the city.