Advice for performance tracking software? (PC)


Hi guys!

I’m wondering what software one can use to check for computer (PC) performance during gameplay. I’m wanting to track cpu and ram usage, as well as stats on the graphic and display side.

The reason is that I wish to understand what happens with my PC when I get frame rate drops and audio stutter during gameplay. For example, It would be interesting to see whether some other program (in the background, or steam, or my internet browser etc) hijacks a lot of ram at times or not. Is windows task manager good for this kind of tracking or are other softwares better suitable?

Any advice would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


RivaTuner Statistics Server + HWiNFO64

For Help Overlay in game :


Hi, for me I used the task manager, in the performance tab you will see CPU, RAM and GPU usage. Its free and I saw a lot of usefull informations. Be adviced the task manager in Windows 10 have more options that the one in Windows 7 or 8.

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As Kirfa referred to, Task manager. By far the easiest option to begin with. All important stats are there for you out of the box.


I use MSI Afterburner. It is fully configurable to show you just about everything onscreen during gameplay. I use it to see what games utilize SLI and multiple cores and thread loading.

Can get latest version here: