Advice on where to head after Alpine Unrest


Hello! I’ve been playing GZ with my grown up daughter online every week and we’ve racked up 60 hours. She’s risk averse, I want to leap into the big fights and we’ve hit a happy medium. Despite the constant crashes and the very samey bunkers, we’ve enjoyed it - the Ticks can absolutely **** off though :slight_smile: We’re pretty bad but surviving, we got into a fight at the airbase with what seemed to be dozens of machines and got mullered. That was about our level.

We sort of stumbled into the Alpine Unrest DLC which we had installed after doing about 1/3 of the map and the more linear mission structure and challenge has gone down really well (although I miss just wandering through the Swedish countryside, and the toxic gas seems really arbitrary - how are they hitting me with it at long range?)

The big question is: When we’re done, is it worth heading back into the main map? Will it seem like busywork after the Apocalypse machines and people? Does the main game change as a result? Will Rivals fix that, or just make the busywork harder? Should we try FNIX Rising, or will we need to build up to it? What does everyone think?

Any advice or opinion gratefully received. We get a few hours every week and I don’t want to waste them in any way.



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Take your time, and don’t rush anything. One thing is certain, as long as you keep playing this game you will get better at it, and you will find the best weapons eventually. 60 hours is not nearly enough to max your potential, you can at least double that, give or take a bit depending on how “efficient” your playstyle is, and how you prioritize your time. :slight_smile:

Personally, I would have preferred to finish the original missions before proceeding on to the two DLC’s. That being said, you can of course go back and finish all the main missions at your own pace. The order in which you do missions does not affect the game in any way. Also, Himfjäll island is a good place to go back to when you need to restock on ammo and supplies. And BTW, the Apoc Runner’s bullets are laced with toxins, that’s probably why you get “gassed” at a distance. :slight_smile:

A general tip I always give, is to think hard about what stuff you bring along. First, spend 2 skillpoints on increased carry capacity. Second, don’t drag around a weapon of every kind. Find a handful of different weapons that you like, and stick to those. Third, spend skillpoints on salvage, and stock up on ammo for your favorite guns. Also pick up every health kit and adrenaline shot you can find. And keep in mind, it’s easy to end up with an inventory full of gas tanks, radios and boomboxes that you’ll never need. :wink:

Another tip is to not kill any rivals until you’re lvl. 25. After that they can drop experimental weapons! Just in case you didn’t know, of course. :wink:

Keep on playing, you’ll constantly learn something new while playing this game. I do at least, and I slightly change my tactics all the time. It’s a lot of fun! :wink: I have clocked 160 hours, which is nothing compared to the real heavy-hitters in here, who have played for a couple thousand hours… :sweat_smile:


Alpine Unrest (Himfjäll) is best done after completing vanilla main missions since Himfjäll is the continuation of the main story line. And FNIX Rising is continuation of Himfjäll.

Though, difficulty wise, Himfjäll is hardest since mainly Apocalypse class of machines roam the island and for that reason as well, it’s best to do when you’ve done with vanilla missions.

It depends on how well are you able to cope with Apocalypse class of machines. If machines wipe the floor with you then it’s a relief getting back to the Östertön (name of the vanilla map) after tour or two to Himfjäll. However, if you are battle hardened with Apocalypse class of machines and expect the same level of difficulty then you may be let down since there aren’t that many Apocalypse class of machines roaming Östertön.

Story wise, it doesn’t change.

Pro tip about ticks: if you run away from ticks, they will run out of juice fast and blow up on their own, without you needing to kill them. (That’s how i deal with them, saves HP and ammo.:relaxed:)


That’s a taktick i do a long time, but since i had found the baseball baton :lacrosse::baseball:
i used the Ticks as a baseball :joy: i’ts really fun and saves ammo


Thanks all…we totally RULED the final battle at the hotel. Put my final shell into the Tank and killed it dead. Great stuff. Of course we forgot the Ammo Boxes and Paramedic kits so we made it harder than it needed to be. We’re very proud of ourselves and actually looking forward to going back to Östertön and kicking some butt.


For Ticks I use the Sjokvist with Birdshot.
Haven’t encountered better so far for Ticks. :slight_smile:

Best is not to use a choke, have a bit more spread.