After 30 hours of blowing up toasters - Feedback

This game has been on my wishlist for months, and after the steam sale I was excited to finally get my hands on it. After reading through patch notes and looking into the community it seems that the new inventory system has divided some older players while the new ones don’t know what they missed.

Riding my bike through an abandoned map and picking off runners while searching for little scraps of ammo has been an awesome introduction to Sweden. Alas, the good ride can’t last forever and as I’ve progressed through the map I keep ending up in situations where an outside bug entirely stops my progress. Like right now, on the south coast the fog(an already very reported bug) prevents me from getting anywhere in the bunkers around Torsberga Fort as I can’t see anything because of the light bloom. So I guess the mission Spiking the Guns is off the table for now.

Undeterred by that and with the hopes that the fix will be in the next patch I moved northeast to complete the Not Alone mission, where I very shortly ran into the other common bug going around of not being able to equip or load your weapons with different ammo. Currently pinned down by two tanks right outside the safehouse of Ulvstugan Slope Cabin and with no working equipped weapon or any way to load it. After finding a spot to hunker down I browsed the forum to see solutions.

After dropping everything in my inventory, picking it up, loading ammo, reequipping and the bug was still there. After dumping my entire inventory into the Plundra and doing it all over again I am left here, flustered. In combat with two tanks pelting the house around me while I fiddle with an inventory system that people don’t seem to like, trying to add ammo onto guns that wont equip or won’t load at all.

This game looks amazing, sounds cool, the guns feel satisfying to shoot. I can’t ask much more from a game like this. But when the game itself stops you from progressing and also breaks the one thing that an FPS needs to have(Shooting) it kind of makes the game unplayable. Knowing that at any time you could put 900 rounds of precious armor piercing ammo into a tank then have the guns break mid fight, leaving you with nothing and no way to get any of the loot from the already fallen enemies it seems like a waste. Either that or try desperately to drop EVERYTHING in your inventory and pick it all back up again for it to only work 20% of the time if it works at all.

I pray the next patch fixes these issues, because they are truly game breaking. I really hope I didn’t get on this ride as it goes downhill, because I really want to see it succeed.

Enough talking for me, I should probably find a way out of this shed now without the tanks murdering me in cold blood. I’ll boot it again after the next patch. Back to Rust for me!

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