After Killing Reaper more Ammo?


Is it my imagination? I’m finding large drops of ammo from any class tanks I destroy immediately following killing a Reaper. Like 7.62 in the range of 600-800, 50 cal in the 80’s etc.

Anyone else?


First - did you picked skill to get more ammo in “tech” skill tree?
Second - Tank class?

I’m usually getting around half of that (~400 7.62 and ~40-50 .50) without ammo skill on Army/FNIX classes, but I once got 600+ 5.56 FMJ in one drop.


I do have the skill point. The last scenario (Reaper destroyed then destroy nearby tank) the tank was a FNIX class, however I know I’ve gotten the same large drops from Military tanks too. I want to say there seems to be a grace period after downing a Reaper that is inclusive of all classes. I will pay more attention to that theory.


Then it just you had random drop.
I mean you’re getting standart drops multiplied by skills, but you had “sub-par” drops before (that happens, for me it’s most often with Harvesters), that still benefits from skills.
I once challenged myself to slay Reaper with ridiculous set of guns, that resulted in embarrassingly bad loot for it’s effort (few hundeds of pistol and huntinng ammo total, if to ignore other non-ammo items). Again, loot can sway into being either obcenely generous or unfairly poor.