After Map-Filter going live, targets missing


after the introduction of the map-filtering, i am missing some targets on the map when i play coop.

Host has 6 filter-functions, i have only 4 and some things are not showing up on the map i.e. cable knot and outposts…

Any suggestions? Maybe a bug?

kind regards

You have many more filtering options to make it individual. At the top position there are your favorites. You can select your favorites at the 2nd position, which should show everything. The other filtering options are just a kind of short cuts.

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I know that… :slight_smile:
But as i said, even if i choose ALL, i can’t see things that were there before the filter-release.
Also if i use the favorites and activate everything, the marker for i.e. cableo knots, outposts are gone…
Maybe it has nothing to do with the filter and it’s another bug!?

I neither experienced it yet, nor read of others.

Could you add screenshots of your filtering options and map?
Maybe someone else has an idea.





To explain: We played together since the first minute, and no one played single mode until now.

Later, i can post a screenshot of the filter…

What about the next tab in “Alle” ?
You can scroll one page to the right.
There should be what you’re looking for.

Everything’s activated there… :pensive:

I think there is a bigger bug then expected…

Because every time i join the game, i get the message similar ‘New area detected’ (don’t know the correct sentence)… That makes me wonder… maybe i lose more things than i thought :scream_cat:

Still the same problem…

Maybe other suggestions? :slight_smile: