After recent update enemies behave differently

Platform: PC

Description: after recent updates (eastern weapons & dangerous experiments) i have noticed a bunch of changes to the game. One of the changes you mentioned in the dangerous experiments update was changes to fights, so I dont know if this is intentional, but when shooting enemies from a far distance, they behave abnormally. The firebird, when shot from a distance beyond its firing range plus a little distance, will simple fly back and forth in the sky, parallel to me, while I shoot it to death, even when it has no distracting enemies to fight closer by. Ground enemies will sometimes run away rather than to me.

Steps To Reproduce: I only noticed the ground enemies running away once in a large field with the dog-like bots? I dont know their names. And they continued running away while I fired on them with no other visible enemies to distract them. The firebirds happened at least 5-6 times, every time I would start firing at it from beyond its normal firing range. The firebird would simple fly back and forth a short distance while I shot it to death. If I got closer to its firing range, it would then advance and shoot me.
Prior to these two updates, I never saw these behaviors, and even fired at firebirds from longer distances and unless they had another enemy to fire at closer to them, they would always come to me and shoot at me.

Images / Videos: no video sorry.

Host or Client: single player

Players in your game: me

Specifications: windows 10 64-bit OS, core i-5, 24GB ram, Nvidia 1080 OC GPU, samsung G9 mega-wide monitor.