AG 5 unable to aim iron sights or use scope

Platform: PC

Description: I can aim with my AG5 rilfe. And i cant even store it back into my storage.

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Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Just me


If you have ammo loaded to your AG5 and when you want to store it, do note that all the 5.56mm equipped to it, would be transferred from your inventory to Plundra as well. And since Plundra has 200 units limit, you could be exceeding the limit. Hence why you can’t put your AG5 back into your Plundra.

These two contradict each other. So, which one is it? :thinking:

Also, do provide more evidence. Screenshots, or better yet, gameplay recording. :slight_smile:
Latter can be done with any video recording software. I’m using OBS Studio myself. And video can be uploaded to e.g Youtube and then the video link can be shared here.